Chic Escapes! Sin City, S'il Vous Plait

by The Daily Front Row

The Hamptons season doesn’t kick off for a few more weeks, the Met Ball hubbub is mere days away, and there’s a brief lull in the springtime music festival circuit (next up, Governor’s Ball, anyone? Or for the more rugged among us, Bonnaroo, if you dare?). What’s a chicette in dire need of a break from the daily grind pounding New York pavement to do? A Vegas jaunt, perhaps…Sure, the temps ratchet up to the mid-90s during the day, but all the better for some mandatory poolside lounging (and definitely better than the way-past-100 degree climes that await come summer). For a hearty dose of party avec the R&R factor, the Hard Rock Hotel is now two weeks into its Sunday pool rager, Rehab, which has been turning a typically lazy and recoup-centric day into an arguably bigger bash than the eve(s) before it. Besides the, well, revealing sartorial choices to behold by the pool—neon galore and teensy string bikinis for all!—there’s scads of music icon-donned garb peppered throughout the casino machine-addled premises to ogle. Alas, it’s all behind glass, lest the urge strikes to stroke a purple satin jacket worn by Prince (who truly rocked the hotel’s biggest music locale, The Joint, for deux nights recently), Jimi Hendrix’s blue velvet trou, or, say, a Britney Spears getup worn in a music video. Also on offer for some vacay wardrobe redux action: a John Varvatos outpost for exterior garb, or an on-site tattoo parlor for more long-term body adornment (but please, for goodness sake, refrain from finishing a fruity vodka libation nearly as tall as you prior to inking, darlings). When hunger strikes, carnivorous types cannot skip 35 Steaks + Martinis. Four words: Bone. In. Filet. Mignon. (Just trust.) For a respite from the action, mosey through the hotel’s chicest wing, HRH Tower, for a chi-chi Fifth Ave. department store vibe, rife with a glossy white-paneled juice bar and Reliquary Spa for complete solace from the soirée-centric madness. Bidding adieu to reality for a few days of Sin City hedonism beckons summer like no other, oui?

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