Celeb Makeup Artist Beau Nelson Heads to Coterie for an Immersive Beauty Experience

by Kristen Heinzinger

Coterie got into beauty this year, bringing celeb makeup artist Beau Nelson on board for a curated retail experience. We get the scoop!

First things first! What’s your backstory?
I was always into fashion—as a kid in Alberta, Canada, I read everything from Details and Elle to Allure and Vogue, which were the only things I could get where I lived. There were no resources for me to become a designer or a stylist or even a photographer there. When I was a teenager, Kevyn Aucoin launched his Making Faces book. I bought that with whatever money I had from my part-time job, stole a bunch of my mom’s makeup, and started playing. I finagled my way into a M.A.C. discount, and became the black-market M.A.C. lady at my high school. [Laughs] I’d charge the girls full price, and use the cash to buy more makeup. I was an entrepreneur even then!

What were the hot sellers?
The first product I ever bought was M.A.C. Silver Dusk Powder, which is discontinued. It had tiny little sliver glitter in it. I thought it was the coolest, prettiest thing I had ever seen. Pervette Lipstick was also popular.

What was your first big break?
Working with Jay Manuel on “Canada’s Next Top Model.” He recommended me to Iman. That changed my career.

What’s some of your proudest work?
A lot of my looks on Kristen Stewart are my prouder moments. She’s very eccentric with makeup, and she kind of lets me do my thing. We push in a way that I don’t think is typical for red carpet looks.

Is there any celebrity that you’re dying to work with?
Cate Blanchett. She’s so stunning and regal, and she’s one of the last real movie stars we have left.

So fill us in on Beauty@Coterie!
Coterie approached me with the idea of creating a beauty space. I’m creating a retail environment, a space where buyers can see what’s new in beauty and the products that they might want to install into their boutiques or their larger stores. So many clothing stores are introducing beauty. We have an assortment of color cosmetics, some skincare, bath and body, and fragrance and candles. We’ve never done it before, so we’re excited, and hopefully we expand it for February.

Any brands or trends we should keep an eye out for?
MAKE Beauty, which is based in New York, and Raw Spirit, which is a fragrance brand that’s doing cool things with organic ingredients, to name a few. It’s an interesting assortment. There are products at every price point—things that are more luxury and others that are more accessible.

Show season is busy—what’s your trick for looking fresh?
Use a brightening primer and a little bit of concealer. If you haven’t slept enough and you’re looking a little gray because you had a few too many the night before, a little cream blush helps a lot!


Nickname “Moosh”

Favorite Place in the World “Paris!”

Hidden Talent “I’m a great cook.”

Seriously Starstruck “Never. Oh, actually that’s not true. When I met Alex Box.”

Doppleganger “Tom Ford”

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