Catching Up with Lo Bosworth

by Sydney Sadick

You probably know this adorable blonde best from her days on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but since then, Lo Bosworth has been up to so much more. Tapping into the health and nutrition sectors, Lo gave us the lo-down, literally, on what she’s been up to lately, including her involvement with the #ActuallySheCan campaign. 

Tell us about your involvement with #ActuallySheCan.
I’m excited to be involved in the #ActuallySheCan campaign because it encourages women to accomplish anything they set their mind to! As a female business owner and entrepreneur, I know how difficult and scary it is to take calculated risks and start something on your own. It’s really important for me to use my platform and share my experiences so that I can support a community of ambitious women and remind them that they have the ability to create a beautiful life for themselves. By embracing the #ActuallySheCan hashtag, women can help perpetuate a conversation around well-being and achievement

What’s your way of celebrating your ambitions?
At the end of every day, I get a really warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that I am my own boss and manage a team of smart and like-minded individuals. I suppose the warm and fuzzy feelings are really feelings of both satisfaction and gratitude. That for me is a daily celebration of my ambitions and it’s what drives me toward my goals.

Tell us about your role as health and wellness editor-at-large at Racked.
I started working with Racked last year and my role is to help form stories and create content about health and wellness, two of my passions. Looking ahead, I will shortly start answering readers’ wellness questions!

You’re also a chef. When did you decide you wanted to do this?
I’ve always loved cooking. I grew up cooking with my mother every day, so the love of cooking was ingrained early and often. I decided to attend the French Culinary Institute. now called The ICC, in late 2013—a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve always hosted dinner parties and now I cook for my blog and YouTube channels. Long term, I’d love to have my own cooking show on TV.

What are some of your go-to daily dishes?
I love avocado toast, delicious omelettes with all kinds of veggies in them, and roasted chicken.

Tell us about your site, The Lo Down.
TheLoDown is the ultimate source for beauty, fashion, food, personal stories, and guides to New York City. We just launched a new series called “Dear Lo” in which I answer readers’ most pressing questions. Another fun series that’s doing really well is our “Street X Street” guides. We walk down a block in New York City and share our favorite spots with our readers!

Favorite restaurants in New York?
I love Il Cantinori, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Souen, and Marea!

What’s your workout routine for staying healthy and in shape?
I try to exercise six days a week, mixing up dance, cardio, and strength training. It definitely requires a ton of dedication but I always feel better after I workout. I treat myself to a 20 minute steam after I workout—it helps with bloating and energy!

What are your goals for fall?
My goals include upping the readership on TheLoDown, and the best way for me to do this is to continue to educate and become an expert on all the things I am passionate about so that I have a valid and credible voice to share with my audience, which is a perfect reflection of the essence of the #ActuallySheCan campaign. I want to maintain the momentum we’ve created around the blog and continue to deliver personal content to our readers that they really respond to. I also want to successfully launch the digital show I’m working on, which is all about lifestyle trends.

Will we see you at Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Week show?
Absolutely. She is another ambitious woman who I will always support! #ActuallySheCan

What’s coming up for you?
I just shot a 26 episode digital series focusing on popular lifestyle trends, and I’m about to begin a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Nutrition at Tufts University! Nutrition has always been a passion of mine. What most people don’t know is that I went to school to be a doctor. Nutrition marries what I love about the science of medicine with my passion for health and wellness.

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