Lessons in Chic! Carine Roitfeld Launches New IGTV Series

by Freya Drohan

Sure to fill the Emily in Paris-shaped void in your heart, Carine Roitfeld has linked up with Adrian Cheng Partners to Launch K11 Original Masters, a first-of-its-kind digital series dedicated to preserving savoir-faireThe stylist and Cheng, CEO and founder of K11 and K11 Craft and Guild Foundation, have a mutual appreciation for showcasing and promoting centuries-old artisanal traditions.

The webinar series will explore the global influence of savoir-faire through a look at iconic fashion houses, couturiers, designers, and creative directors. The first episode, premiering October 14, will feature Christelle Kocher, artistic director of Maison Lemarié, Chanel Métier d’art. This fly on the wall show will grant audiences a rare behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the renowned Paris atelier that provides Chanel with its feathers.

Savoir-faire is often deemed by society as being inaccessible and unapproachable, but Roitfeld and Cheng’s web series aims to prove otherwise by captivating the attention of younger, social media-savvy generations through impactful and modern storytelling.

See below for a teaser of what to expect:

“I am honored to partner with Carine to creatively support a part of historic culture that is so close to my heart,” Cheng said in a release. “I originally founded the K11 Craft and Guild Foundation with the mission to conserve and rejuvenate fast-disappearing Chinese artisanship, and am thrilled to bring awareness to this important topic on a global scale, while simultaneously showcasing individuals throughout our world who are honoring their own special variations of savoir-faire in magnificent and imaginative ways.”

The show will premiere exclusively on K11 Musea’s official Instagram (@K11Musea) via IGTV and Carine Roitfeld’s @CRFashionbook at 12PM (Paris time) and 6AM EST.

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