CARBONE BEACH Is Coming To South Beach! Mario Carbone Tells Us All!

by Eddie Roche

Here’s one way to get a table at CARBONE! In conjunction with the first-ever Formula 1 race week to take place in Miami,  CARBONE BEACH is coming. The four night Supper Club on the sand, starts May 5th and will feature a seated dinner prepared by Chef Mario Carbone himself, and special surprise performances every night. Exclusively available to American Express Card Members, reservations at CARBONE BEACH are limited to 200 guests each night. Mario Carbone, one of the hottest chefs in the country today, tells The Daily what to expect from the limited time event. Warning: It ain’t cheap! 

What’s the concept behind CARBONE BEACH? 
CARBONE BEACH is an old-world, over-the-top,  four night Supper Club located directly on the sands of South Beach with world-class performers and a huge CARBONE food and beverage program.

We hear you want to throw the “greatest dinner party ever thrown.” What does that entail?
It entails being completely entertained from the moment you arrive; entertained through food and beverage, ambience, music, service and more. You are with us for the night and it’s going to hark back to the old days of the grand Supper Clubs.

What will be on the menu?
Of course, all of the classic CARBONE dishes will be on the menu, along with some surprises and lots of decadence.

Mario Carbone (Courtesy)

What are you most excited about for this endeavor?
I am excited about the entirety of it! The idea is to throw four nights of parties that are of the caliber that I believe the weekend is requiring. It’s the biggest weekend in the history of Miami and we want to throw an appropriately sized party to match that.

Why was Miami Race Week the right time for this?
It’s the biggest weekend I think the city has ever seen and it felt like we needed to do something to match that scale, size and scope. In order to do that, we had to go huge too.

How is American Express involved in the event?  
American Express is a very close partner in bringing CARBONE BEACH to life. They’re in our event name! American Express was essential in helping ensure simplicity on booking reservations exclusively for Card Members through Resy. Tickets are priced at $3,000 + taxes and fees.

CARBONE is still one of the hottest spots in Miami. How does it feel to be so loved in this town?
It’s incredibly humbling to know that we were able to do something here that has been embraced and adopted so fluidly. It is nothing short of humbling.

What do you recommend as a must have at CARBONE?
What I tell people when they ask what to order at CARBONE is to have a conversation with your captain, that’s why they are there. They know the menu inside and out and it is their job to steer you in the right direction and curate a meal that is perfect for you. I would have to say that having this conversation is the best way to get the perfect must-have for you.

How do you keep your job interesting?
My job challenges me every single day of my life. There is no complacency in doing what I do and every night the stakes are high. Thousands of people come and spend their night with us, and I can’t let them down, so when those are the stakes, you can’t fall back on any level of complacency.

What’s next for you?
Some sleep!

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