Carbone Beach Returns To South Beach! Mario Carbone Fills Us In!

by Eddie Roche

Carbone Beach is back! In conjunction with the second annual Formula 1 race 1 week in Miami, Carbone Beach is heading back to the sand for a limited run. This year, the food and entertainment experience is May 4th-May 7th and can be booked through Resy. Mario Carbone, still one of the hottest chefs in the country, tells The Daily what’s in store this year and how you can get tickets. 

Refresh our memory about the concept behind Carbone Beach!
Carbone Beach is basically an over-the-top Supper Club of an era gone by.

This was a huge success last year. Why do you think it took off?
I think it was the perfect one-stop night out in the middle of what was the busiest weekend of the year in Miami. We were able to provide an idyllic evening with amazing entertainment and food, all within a single space, which is what a lot of people look for.

What were the biggest challenges in pulling it off?
The biggest challenge was certainly logistics. We had to build a giant tent on the actual sand. We had to build this kitchen from scratch on the actual sand. We had to put together a battle plan for feeding 400 people per night in unison at the same quality level they’re accustomed to at the restaurant.

Carbone Beach (Getty Images)

Anything new planned for this year?
This year we’re going even bigger. We’re taking everything we learned from year one and applying it to this second season. The concept will stay very much the same, but this year’s over-the-top Supper Club will prove even more over-the-top.

What can we expect to find on the menu?
We’re writing the menu as we speak, but I would say you can expect to find a combination of classic Carbone dishes that you’ve come to know if you’re a customer of ours, threading the needle of the concept being very much Caesar’s Palace. We’re looking to convey the idea of being transported for the evening into this palatial environment where guests will dine and be entertained like kings and queens. As I write the menu, we’re working on items that are extravagant, even by our standards of food and service.

How is American Express involved in the event?
We are thrilled to have American Express back as our Presenting Sponsor for the second year of Carbone Beach. They jumped on board from the beginning and believed in our concept and we are excited to provide first access to tickets for American Express Platinum Card and Centurion Members.

How can people get reservations?
Guests can visit to be added to the waiting list or request a table. Tables can accommodate between 8-14 people. American Express Platinum Card and Centurion Members will get first access to individual tickets starting April 6, 2023, here.

You are celebrating 10 years of Carbone in NYC soon. What are your plans to celebrate?
The first thing we did was celebrate the team itself. We closed the restaurant for one of the first times we’ve ever closed on the actual anniversary and invited all the staff members who have been with us from the beginning to come in with their families. We celebrated together, enjoyed a meal together, and gave thanks together.

Why do you think you’ve had such staying power?
A very large demographic of people gravitate towards this brand and this restaurant because we deliver a very familiar product. The task has always been to create the most idyllic version of that product. I believe that strategy, which we’ve always employed, really resonates with a large group of people. We give them something nostalgic, but the best version of that thing, and that keeps them coming back.

You always have new projects in the works. Anything you can tell us?
The biggest thing in the works is ZZ’s Members Club in Hudson Yards in NYC. We are aiming for a Fall opening and that’s definitely the biggest thing on my plate right now.

On a totally separate note…You have great style. What are some of your favorite brands to wear?
I have lots of brands that I really like to wear. First and foremost, my own, Our Lady of Rocco. I try to wear at least one piece of it daily. I also wear a lot of Kith and Loro Piana.  Husbands in Paris is great for suiting.

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