Brian Mazza: Fashion Designer?

by The Daily Front Row

Will Brian Mazza be applying to the CFDA? The Renaissance man has always had his hand in fashion, but now he’s getting serious. Mazza has designed the jackets for the staff of The Dream Hotel’s downtown quarters (also sold in their retail store) and tells us this is just the beginning of his plans for worldwide fashion domination! 

Are you designing these jackets yourself?
Yes! I’ve always wanted to do that. I obviously had a dream to take our custom business into a ready to wear business. We had the opportunity to get in a very high profile hotel (Dream Downtown), and thought it was a perfect fit because a lot of our clients are guests of the hotel and frequent the clubs and restaurants there. It all aligned in a positive way. The boutique gets tons of foot traffic. 

Who is your customer?
I would 100 percent wear everything. I would say guys in the age range from 25 to 50 could pull off these jackets. 

Did you go to design school?
I did not. I was a communications major and played soccer in college.

Who have been your influences?
I love Michael Bastian and love what Mickey Drexler is doing with J.Crew. It’s just exceptional. Obviously Ralph (Lauren) is my number one. Those guys are the designers and influences in my life that I look up to when I’m producing a garment or want to do something different with the company. I aspire to be as successful as these guys are!

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