Blogger Spotlight! TV Personality Bianca Espada

by Sydney Sadick

While we only got to watch Bianca Espada on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for one season—the show was canceled after Season 4—viewers quickly became obsessed with watching her on the dishy E! series. The bestie to Dorothy Wang is now living in NYC, working for stylist Sonya Benson and running her namesake blog that features her street-style aesthetic. We caught up with Bianca on what life is like these days. 

Bianca, what sparked your interest in launching a blog?
When I was living LA, one of my best friends Marianna Hewitt started a blog and encouraged me to start one too. She actually helped me make it and really inspired me.

You’ve had some fun—and chic!—work experience in the past.
My first internship was doing PR for Hermès of Paris in New York. It was an incredible experience and I learned so much. One of my childhood best friends was working there and she referred me. I also worked for stylist Ilaría Urbinati for a summer while I was in LA. It was super fun—she does a lot of red carpet styling. I currently work for Sonya Benson, personal shopper and stylist in NY. We style and put together seasonal wardrobes for clients, red carpet events, as well as street style looks. We do it all.

Your mom was a personal shopper too!
Yes, she was—and a stylist! And my dad was the CEO of a womenswear company.

How do you deal with clients who might be more…difficult?
Luckily all the clients I’ve worked with are very respectable and lovely to work with. Occasionally I do get a few quirky personalities, but they only make my day a little more entertaining. I honestly live for a crazy personality, in small doses. This one time I had a client that just wanted me to take pictures of her all day… that probably wasn’t the most enjoyable day, for me at least.

How do you describe your personal style?
That’s the hardest question for me to answer. Sometimes I like to be very girly and other times I like to be very comfy casual. Regardless of the outfit, I always try to be a little sexy and a bit edgy.

You were on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Who do you like going shopping with most from the cast?
[Laughs] Honestly, I’d rather go shopping with myself.

I don’t like being rushed or feel like I’m pressured to run to the next store. I really do like taking my time especially when it comes to something I’m extremely passionate about, like shopping.

Noted! What brands are you loving these days?
I’m totally obsessed with Saint Laurent and always have been. I’m excited to see where Anthony Vaccarello will take the brand.

Who are your style icons?
My No. 1 style icon is Sharon Stone in Casino, but I also love Zoe Kravitz.

What’s on your shopping wish-list right now?
I’m lusting after the new Cartier LOVE Bracelets that are extra skinny. Obsessed.

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Have you thought about launching your own lifestyle brand?
I would love to! It would most likely be something in beauty—I love makeup and beauty products.

When did that obsession begin?
I’ve been obsessed with makeup for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I would sit with my mom at her bathroom vanity and just watch her do her makeup. I was so in awe of how pretty she was once she would be all dressed up for an event. I couldn’t wait to start wearing makeup. I was about 13 when my mom took me makeup shopping for “real” makeup. We went to Bobbi Brown and I remember getting the most beautiful brush set and all these amazing bronzers, blushes… it was so much fun. I was hooked.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?
There are too many to list…I love everything. My top three are HudaBeauty matte lipstick, Sephora spray foundation; and Tom Ford BeautyShade and Illuminate Compact.

Do you want to be the next Kylie Jenner?
That might be a stretch [Laughs]. I think she’s amazing and has built such an incredible brand. Maybe I’ll aim for the next Kris Jenner.

PLUS! Bianaca’s 5 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers:

1.  If you want it go for it, dedicate yourself to it.
2. Surround yourself with others who have the same goals and aspirations as you.
3.  Find out what you really love and stick with it.
4. Keep posting! It’s so important to keep up with your social media.
5. Have fun!

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