Best of The Daily: Pucci's Peter Dundas On Rock 'N' Roll And More

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(NEW YORK) Remember when The Daily talked Pucci in 2013?
Decked out in leather and donning his signature square shades, Peter Dundas graced Fifth Avenue with his presence. To be exact, he was hanging out in his mini Pucci boutique amid the racks of Saks Fifth Avenue, to debut his T shirt design for Saks’ annual Key To The Cure fundraiser, which supports Women’s Cancer Research. Following his store visit, Dundas celebrated with Ciara on his arm at Jamie Tisch‘s abode along with Zani Gugelmann, Tamara Mellon, Harley Viera Newton, and the CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, Pierre-Yves Roussel. We caught up with Dundas pre-celebration for a quick chat.

Tell us about your shirt design!
It’s a T shirt that benefits cancer research, particularly breast cancer. It’s very much something I think is important to be aware of; I’m glad to do this with Saks. They’ve been amazing supporters of the brand and huge cheerleaders since I started at Pucci. It was an added pleasure to do this project with them.

Can you offer any styling recommendations for the shirt?
Wear it with a pair of jeans or under a tuxedo jacket. Maybe cut off the sleeves and make it your own, or over dye it. I always think of my dresses as T shirts anyways, because I like the freedom of them. They are a part of any staple wardrobe.

Do you like traveling to New York?
Very much so!

What do you usually do when you’re here?
Oh God, you don’t really want to know that! Basically, I do everything I can’t do back home.

Do you ever hang out in Brooklyn?
I’ve actually never actually discovered Brooklyn properly. It’s terrible! Everyone tells me I must go out there.

What was on your playlist on your flight over here?
I’m usually working or sleeping, so I don’t listen to music on the flight. But when I do listen I love old school rock ‘n roll. Like the [Rolling] Stones, The Doors and Led Zeppelin.

You like dressing rock stars’ girlfriends. How about rappers’ beaus?
Well, I don’t know too many of their girlfriends, but why not? There’s an energy to the music business that I enjoy tying into fashion. But it’s not limited to a certain genre of music. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people from every musical genre there is. All of them are great to collaborate with.

What was the last Pucci concert you put on?
We had a big party in Paris and Solange Knowles played for us. That was pretty huge! 

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