Backstage At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show With Erin Heatherton

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) What has 28 pairs of wings, a 100-foot-long trail of glitter, and six-inch-tall Nicholas Kirkwood heels for all? The Victoria’s Secret show, of course. The annual spectacle of décolletage, bronzy bods, and elaborate costumes, now in its 18th year, camped out at the Lexington Avenue Armory again to film the brigade of 40 haute mods tonight (replete with that $10 mill bra and a Taylor Swift performance), which airs on December 10th. Your Daily hit up the pink-splashed backstage this morning, rife with flaxen hair extensions and pedicurists working their magic on the fleet of beauties in sometimes contortionist-ish positions. Erin Heatherton filled us in on taking the bus, befriending old folks, and her deli flower buying habit. 

There were some rumors you weren’t going to in the VS show…
I heard! My dad called me and was like, “What?!” I said, “I don’t know!” It was a total mystery to me. 

What’s your nickname?
Bubs! Everyone calls me bubs, because my real last name is Bubley.

How good are you at the subway?
Is that like the macarena? Should we make up a dance called “the subway”?

Definitely. So, does your Metrocard get much love?
When I first moved to New York, I’d actually take the bus because I preferred being above ground. It’s not really common, I guess. I know some people are total subway people, but I don’t like the rush of being underground and all the traffic going up and down the stairs. I’d rather take my time! I just leave earlier and take the bus.

Do you hop aboard the bus nowadays?
I don’t take it as much because I got a bicycle. I have a mint green bike from Solé Bicycles. It’s really, really beautiful. 

During your bus-riding days, did you make lots of adorable little old lady friends? They seem to dig the bus system, too.
I think more of my friends are old ladies than not! I just…find them. My doctors, people I work with, my friends’ parents. I just identify with old people, like Miss Daisy.

If you could invent anything, what would you whip up?
So many things. I think about inventions all the time. I tell them to my yoga trainer. She’s very spiritual and funny, so we just laugh about these strange ideas.

Any recent standouts?
I don’t want to give them away because I might actually do them! But let me think of one that would never happen…Can it be an app?

Yeah, sure!
I love plants, so I’d like a Seamless for plant delivery.

My mom would love that idea.
Of course! Because your mom and I would be friends.

So why would the interest in inedible, flora-centric riff on Seamless?
Two nights ago after dinner, I was passing a deli that had all these flowers outside. I find that to be so fun. I buy everything. Right now, the deli florists have the holly, those red berries. They look so chic in a tall, black glass vase. I also bought lilies the other night. Fresh flowers change your whole apartment. 

Sounds like you’re keeping the bodega industry in business. Let’s talk Thanksgiving: what are your thoughts on stuffing?
Love it. The spices and the texture… If I didn’t have to be a model, I would love eating stuffing. When I’m making Thanksgiving dinner, I always investigate interesting stuffing recipes.

What kinds of stuffing iterations?
I made one a few years ago that was baked inside of a pumpkin. It’s all about presentation, right? Here, at the Victoria’s Secret show, of all places, we certainly know that. 

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