How Brooke Korine Balances Career, Education and Wellness

by Thomas Herd

The entertainment industry becomes more and more lucrative as talent constantly emerges and people search for the next big star. Diversifying your portfolio and taking steps to set yourself apart are imperative, which is just what model, actress and singer Brooke Korine is doing. Hailing from Long Island, Brooke is a Israeli-American triple threat. She is a model signed with agencies in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as an aspiring actress represented by Innovative Artists. Brooke is also a singer that was formerly part of a girl group called Dame, although she now treats singing as more of a hobby in order to focus on her modeling and acting career.

Brooke has lived in New York City for the past four years. She attends Pace University where she studies business marketing and intends to graduate later this year. She is constantly working towards her goals every single day, and credits her success to her determination, willingness to work hard, and ability to accept failures. Her day-to-day activities in the city include exercising, eating right, being active on social media, networking and reading books, because she believes that self-development is one of the most important things anyone could work towards. Brooke feels that living in New York City is a privilege because you can live in the city your whole life and never see every single thing. There are always new restaurants, pop-up events and little hidden gems to be found.

Brooke enjoys traveling, and most recently visited Mexico and St. Barts. She recommends avoiding the tourist-focused areas when traveling, instead immersing yourself into the country’s culture and taking in the diversity. As Brooke continues to use social media to enhance her career, she also likes to use her platform to spread wellness tips and promote mental health awareness. She will continue posting work-focused content but would like to pivot to share more about things she genuinely cares about. To get inspired and follow along on Brooke’s journey, find her Instagram page here.

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