Art Break! Half Gallery Founder Bill Powers on Bringing Upstairs Art Fair to Amagansett

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Half Gallery founder Bill Powers reveals what to expect at the Hamptons’ inaugural Upstairs Art Fair, making its debut in Amagansett from July 14-16.

What inspired your idea for the fair?
There’s so much history out here. There’s a [Willem] de Kooning painting called “Montauk Highway.” [Andy] Warhol and Richard Avedon were out here…we’re doing our show at a space right by where Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe spent a summer. We’re continuing that thread.

What kinds of work will be featured?
It will be pieces from both local and downtown New York City galleries. Magenta Plains is going to bring in some Bill Saylor work, and New Release will have a sculpture out front made by an artist from the North Fork, among other things.

Will this be an annual thing?
I’m not trying to make a living as an art-fair organization—I wanted to set up an event that I would want to participate in as a gallery. So this may be your one and only chance to come! upstairsartfair.com

Read the issue HERE.

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