An App That Turns Your Instagram Pics Into Socks?

by Eddie Roche


A new app is on the way (we think) that will turn your Instagram images into T-shirts, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, leggings, sandals, and apparently there will be even more options down the line. It’s called SnapShirt and is the brainchild of Ohio resident Mike Krilvisky, who has spent the past two years working on the technology that uses a new style of printing known as dye-sublimation. Users can transform their photos or art into wrinkle-free customized clothing. Users will view the image from their phone on a mock-up T-shirt, for example, and will get it delivered in days if they like it. Two little hiccups to contend with…1. The app isn’t available yet. Krilvisky has started a Kickstarter campaign where he’s hoping to raise $50,000 by November 13th. (So far he’s nearly at $4,000; the campaign just launched.) 2. We’re not sure if this is a very good idea. Some of the examples of the looks on their Kickstarter page are, in a word, hideous. Does anybody really want to see pepperoni pizza leggings? Didn’t think so, unless you’re trying to pull an off-duty Katy Perry  or Cara Delevingne

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