50 Influencers to Watch

by The Daily Front Row

Ahead, 50 influencers in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle who are dominating our feeds. They have eclectic backgrounds, aesthetics, and clout (from less than 20K to 2M followers), but all these handles are equally captivating us this season.

1.BELLA HARRIS, @bellabharris, Followers: 110k

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What are your goals in the fashion world?
I want to own my own brand. My mom has always said you need four things. Right now, my four things are college, developing a show, a collaboration opportunity, and my modeling career. I’m excited about what’s ahead!

2. BLAIRE EADIE @blaireadiebee, followers: 1.4

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<ready for fall like 🐯🦓>

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How did you create your handle?
“I started my site, Atlantic-Pacific, in April 2010, before Instagram! I didn’t realize how connected social media and my site would become—it was still a hobby. (Silly me.) Instead of using @atlanticpacific, I picked my name and initials.”

Current ’gram obsessions:
“I have a filter for who I follow—you post amazing outfits or styling, you make me laugh, I often learn something new from you, or you’re an animal. I’m loving Heather McMahan, Benito Skinner, Katie Jane Hughes, and Alfie the Alpaca.”

3. CHRISTIE FERRARI @christie_ferrari, followers: 535k

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Do you own any piece of Silk clothing? Continue reading for a Psychology Behind Fashion Post re: yesterday’s #NYFW look! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Just like food can bring us comfort, clothes and specific fabrics provide sensory feedback on our bodies and skin which in turn can affect how we feel. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So today let’s discuss silk which is the fabric from the dress I wore yesterday! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Silk is soft to the touch yet delicate and can easily be wrinkled (though this dress was thicker and didn’t) and stained if not taken care of. These descriptors sound a whole lot like relationships and broken hearts. No wonder silk can speak to romance. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Silk is also a very luxurious fabric, associated for hundreds of years with nobility and the upper class. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ And since clothes can project qualities we seek, we can say that when you wear silk you could be lacking or wanting more status or love in your life.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Bag is: @longchamp

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How did you become an influencer?
“Though I’ve always loved fashion–cliché, I know–I went to school to become a psychologist. I’d always shared my mirror OOTDs with friends and family; I made my Instagram public in 2013 and launched my blog as a creative outlet. After graduating (I’m officially a Dr.), my husband and I moved to NYC. The opportunity came to give it a real shot, and I took it!”

4. JESSICA WANG @JessicaWang, followers: 709k

Instagram caption strategy:
“I try to show more of my personality and inject humor through my captions because my photos can come off a bit serious. I’m pretty sarcastic in real life. Most of the time, it comes naturally to me, but if a friend says something really witty, I’ll make a note and save it for later. I guess the real strategy is surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh.”

5. JOVEL ROYSTAN @JovelRoystan, followers: 83.8k

Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed?
“Hollywood, the morning of the 2018 Oscars. I’d been thinking about getting back into acting for a while, after taking almost nine years off. A friend was working the show and brought me along; it was my chance to see the industry up close during one of its most exciting moments. I sat on the red carpet surrounded by artists I respect so much. It was unforgettable. The next day, I looked up acting classes, and I’ve been back at it ever since.”

6. NICOLE WILLIAMS-ENGLISH @justtnic, followers: 1.8M

How did you become an influencer?
“To be honest, I didn’t know what an influencer was until a few years ago. When I started filming WAGS, I began noticing my following drastically growing, and brands contacting me more often to collaborate. I didn’t realize the strength I had!”

7. GRACE ATWOOD @graceatwood, followers: 121k

Current ’gram obsessions?
“@round.boys, which is all very round animals. My friend tagged me in one photo, and I can’t stop liking things.”

Any regrettable Instagram Stories?
“No! That’s the beauty of Stories—if you regret it, it’s gone in a day!”

8. JENN LAKE @JenniferLake, Followers: 174K

Biggest misconception about being an influencer?
“That we’re all dreaming of doing it full-time. I’m not looking to give up my career-I’ve worked in PR for the past 16 years-to focus solely on my blog, style charade, or social media. I love balancing both. I’m a huge proponent that you can have a full-time job and still be an influencer on the side.”

9. OLIVA CAPUTO @olivia_caputo, followers: 108k

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Didn’t come to play games #NYFW

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Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed?
“Crying alone in my bedroom. Instagram is a highlight reel for most people, including me at times, but it’s imperative for people with large audiences to share life’s raw parts. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder; it’s crucial I share it with the world. I believe part of the reason I have anxiety is to help break stigmas about mental illness.”

10. CASSANDRA GARCIA, @cygmakeup, followers: 16.8k

Any regrettable Instagram Stories?
“Only when I misspell things! Nick, my fiancé, will text me, ’Um, you misspelled…’ I’m always so grateful.”

What’s your Instagram caption strategy?
“Oh, my gosh, I never know what to caption. I usually just state the obvious or focal point of my makeup, like ’red lip’ or ’bold eyes.’ I know my strengths.”

11. RYAN DZIADUL @extraextrastyle, followers: 10.5k

Current ’gram obsessions?
“@wantanabenaomi703, the most-followed person in Japan. She’s hilarious, body positive, fab, and glamorous. My husband is Japanese, and he’d been telling me to follow her for years. I finally did. I don’t know why I waited so long; I wish I could get those years back!”

What’s your Instagram caption strategy?
“Strategy? Bless you. I’m mostly just trying to make myself laugh.”

12. SARAH CHIWAYA @curvily, followers: 47.6K

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I love this picture by @lydiahudgensphoto for the @instylemagazine #streetstyle feature, and I love that I now have *OPTIONS* in plus sizes so I can get creative with my look! When I first started attending #NYFW years ago, I ended up having to repurpose a Marc Jacobs dress to a skirt because I had such a hard time finding anything in plus that worked for the occasion. This season, I have so many beautiful plus size pieces in my closet, and I was able to pull off my head to toe #tiedye vision with a top from @baacalofficial by Cynthia Vincent and a skirt from @anthropologie, two brands I’ve been wanting in #plussizeplease for years 🙌🏻 While we are still far from parity with straight size options, it makes me very happy to see how far we’ve come since 2012! Check out the #fatatfashionweek hashtag and the #instylemagazine gallery linked in my Stories for more plus size babes rocking NYFW 💜

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Least-favorite hashtag?
“#bodygoals. Every body is naturally different. Describing someone else’s body as ’goals’ is both silly and setting yourself up for disappointment. No matter how much I want long legs, that’s just not going to happen on my 5-foot-4 frame. Be your own body goals instead!”
Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed?
“An empty subway car in rush hour. It didn’t even smell weird!”

13. GREGORY DAVA @gregorydava, followers: 141k

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sweaty boy summer 😓

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Least-favorite hashtags?
“I despise #bossbabe and #influencer.”

What’s your Instagram caption strategy?
Mostly just word vomit. I let it flow and don’t overthink it.”

Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed?
“The bathroom of my first apartment. I made it look really chic, but in reality, I hung the plastic part of my shower curtain on the wall to hide how awful it really was.”

14. SARAH BRYANT @sarah_LouWHO, followers: 358k

How did you become an influencer?
“It was an accident, but a really great one! I cut my hair into a pixie three years ago; the photos of my cut went viral. I was overwhelmed with questions about how to style short hair. That led to creating short-hair tutorials, answering questions, and creating beauty content. I realized I could make a living by helping people feel beautiful and spending endless hours in Sephora.”

15. KATIE STURINO @katiesturino, followers: 351k

Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed? “I took my phone into the recovery room after I got my eggs frozen, to document my feelings right after. I didn’t count on still being on drugs, so instead of anything emotional, I took a great video of me trying to drink a juice box.”

Any regrettable Instagram Stories?
“When I post about Botox, women DM me that it isn’t authentic to be body positive and get Botox. I keep posting about it—living your best aesthetic life doesn’t makes you any less body positive.”

16. GREGORIA REYES-LOU @greivy.nyc, followers: 39.8K

How did you create your handle?
“It’s my nickname. I love it. It’s unique and easy to remember. I added ’NYC’ because a nonactive user is currently sitting on @greivy!”

Biggest misconception about being an influencer?
That we just take photos and everything falls in our laps—there’s a lot of hustle, long hours, and nonstop networking!”

17. TESSA BARTON @tezza, followers: 776K

Current ’gram obsessions?
“@alessioalbi. Such inspiring photography. He captures light in the most beautiful way.”

Biggest misconception about being an influencer?
“That we’re all the same. There are so many different ways to be an influencer.”

Most surprising place you’ve ever ’grammed?
“The bathroom of a 7-Eleven. The lighting was crazy cool; we had to use it!”

18. KRYSTAL BICK @krystal_bick, followers: 138k

How did you become an influencer?
“I started my blog about 10 years ago—before Instagram, Pinterest, and most social platforms—just as the recession hit. I truly burned the midnight oil working on the blog in my free time and random spare hours, while balancing a full-time corporate job in tech. I’ve always loved fashion—my longtime dream was to work with Grace Coddington at Vogue and dream up fanciful editorial shoots.”

19. CASEY GOODE @officially quigley, followers: 228k

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My FREE live INSTAGRAM WORKSHOP is tomorrow!!! Do you ever wish there was a magic wand to help you take your Instagram game to the next level? Well- I don’t have a magic wand… but I have spent the summer working on a live workshop where I let you in on the THREE SECRETS to how I grew my account 100k in one year. I’ve done years worth of trial and error to figure out how to use this platform to share my art and connect with a community… I want to be able to just simply airdrop this information to you… but that technology doesn’t exist yet! So that’s why I created this free workshop! There are a limited amount of seats on a first come first serve basis… so sign up by using the link in my bio and show up early so you secure your spot! I can’t wait to dive in with you!!! Let’s do this!!! Xo, Quigs Ps- know anyone who may benefit by taking this free workshop!?!?? Please tag them below!!! 😝👊🏼🥰

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How did you become an influencer?
“I moved to L.A. in 2011 to pursue a career in music. I wanted to be a pop star, and I legitimately thought I was going to be the next Katy Perry. I slowly got burnt out and disheartened by the industry, and turned to a new creative outlet—fashion! I started my blog in 2015, as a hobby while working at a Hollywood bar. I went full-time
in 2017!”

20. GABRIELLE CAUNESIL @Gabriellecaunesil, followers: 899k

21 and 22. CAILLI AND SAM BECKERMAN @Beckermanblog, followers: 159K

23 and 24. SOPHIE AND CHARLOTTE BICKLEY, @yin2myyang, followers: 115K


25. SHAUN ROSS @shaundross, followers: 573K

26. NATALIE LIM SUAREZ @natalieoffduty, followers: 636K

27. MARIA ALIA @mariaalia, followers: 426K

28. MOTI ANKARI Moti Ankari, @motiankari, followers: 193K

29. KATIE JANE HUGHES @katiejanehughes, followers: 344K

30. CIPRIANA QUANN @ciprianaquann, followers: 233K

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Getting ready for an exciting Opening Day at the @USopen yesterday on Women’s Equality Day. My twin sister @tk_wonder and I were invited by the US Open to watch the first two matches of the Women’s #2 Tennis Player in the world; Ashleigh Barty and the Men’s #1 Tennis Player in the world; Novak Djokovic, in the US Open’s VIP suite. The opening day also entailed the reveal of the Althea Gibson sculpture created by Eric Goulder. ▫️▫️▫️ A tennis legend and professional golfer, Althea Gibson became the first African American to win a Grand Slam title. The following year she won the Wimbledon and the US Nationals then won both titles again in 1958. In all, she won 11 Grand Slam tournaments before her retirement. Gibson was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame. In the early 1960s she also became the first African American player to compete on the Women's Professional Golf Tour. Photo 📷: @terrygates ▫️▫️▫️ Thank you to the US Open for an unforgettable experience. View my Insta Stories for a more in-depth look 👀🎾 ▫️▫️▫️ #USopen ▫️▫️▫️

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31. JUSTIN LIVINGSTON @justinliv, followers: 336K

32. CAROLINE DAUR @carolinedaur, followers: 2M

33. IGEE OKAFOR @igeeokafor, followers: 86.4K

34. CHRISTIAN BENDEK @christianbendek, followers: 149K

35. WILL TAYLOR @brightbazaar, followers: 308K

36. PRESTON KONRAD @prestonkonrad, followers: 110K

37. CHARLOTTE GROENVELD @thefashionguitar, followers: 456K

38. NIKKI DEROEST @nikkideroest, followers: 212K

39. GABI GREGG @gabifresh, followers: 712K

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once in a while I dress like a grown up 😊

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40. ERIC RUTHERFORD @mr.rutherford, followers: 236K

41. SAMANTHA ANGELO @theeyetravels, followers: 150K

42. SERENA GOH @theserenagoh, followers: 268K

43. LILLIANA VAZQUEZ @lillianavazquez, followers: 72K

44. TINAMARIE CLARK @tinamarieclark, followers: 31.4K

45. TK WONDER @tk_wonder, followers: 166K

46. ISAAC HINDIN-MILLER @isaaclikes_, followers: 41.7K

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These are a few of my favorite things 🐴

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47. GABRIEL ZAMORA @gabrielzamora, followers: 932K

48. JULIA LANG @julialang, followers: 61.5K

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In Peter Do by @modehunter

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49. DOUGLAS JOSEPH @dougiejoseph, followers: 61.2K

50. MARY LAWLESS LEE @happilygrey, followers: 115k

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pjs but not🌀 #nyfw

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