3 Reasons How Social Media Platforms Amplify Your Personal Brand

by DN News Desk

Digital entrepreneur Dianna Hughes and YouTuber Tofuu walk you through amplifying your personal brand by leveraging social media platforms.

Building your personal brand today is not as daunting as it has been in the past. However, it is still challenging since new tools bring with them new challenges. The digital space has allowed many people to realize their dreams and created countless opportunities for many others. With the world putting a focus on social media, many businesses, big and small, are now working to build their brands online.

As an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do for your business is building your personal brand. It sets you apart from everyone else online and defines who your audience is. To successfully build your brand on social media, you need to understand the platforms. Digital entrepreneur Dianna Hughes and YouTuber Tofuu share how you can amplify your brand via social media.

1. Social media platforms connect you to your audience
To achieve success in the digital space, you must be relevant to your audience. This all begins with knowing who you are trying to target. As Hughes says, “understanding your audiences’ pain points will help you solve them.” Once you establish yourself as an authority on a particular niche, people will come to you, share your content, and want to associate with your brand.
“You should always make your audience feel heard,” says Tofuu, “amplifying your brand requires that you establish a two-way communication system. Let them express and make them feel you care about their opinions.

2. Publish across multiple platforms
You must understand that you can’t just rely on one platform. The beauty of social media is that you can publish content across multiple platforms. Tofuu echos, “Even as you spread your content, as a way of casting your net wider, understand that not every platform will work for your brand; therefore, pick them wisely.”

Hughes supports this saying, “Even if you don’t cultivate across every channel, choose the best three and focus your attention on them.” Amplification is about giving your content more reach, so the more people see your content, the more your brand grows.

3. Social media helps you stay up to date
The traditional way of doing things meant that benchmarking off of your competitors was harder. You can now see what content they’re posting and the direction they’re leaning to help inform your next steps. “One eye on your competitors is always wise, and with social media, you can easily craft strategies based on what you’ve benchmarked from competitors and even other industries,” remarks Hughes.

Another aspect of staying up to date that Tofuu is incredibly passionate about is trends. In a fast-paced world, you cannot afford to be hopping onto trends after everyone else has moved on. “Knowing or predicting trends before they happen can help you amplify your personal brand and become a trendsetter in your industry.” Ultimately, your personal brand is dependent on how well you leverage the tools available to you on every social platform.

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