Tiago Azevedo Debuts New YouTube Series “Storytime with José Castelo Branco & Tiago Azevedo”

by Amir Bakian

Architect and pop-surrealist painter Tiago Azevedo launched a new YouTube series with art dealer and TV personality José Castelo Branco. In it, the two artists talk about cultural differences in etiquette, and discuss the concepts of starving artist and abundant artist.

José Castelo Branco and his wife, fashion icon and jewelry designer pioneer Betty Grafstein, are prominent figures in New York City’s high society. The couple hosts regular dinner parties with a Studio 54-like atmosphere: a bohemian environment and an exquisite circle of celebrity friends shape these social gatherings, where the art scene is as vibrant as ever – with Baccarat crystal champagne flutes saluting the original Picasso and Albrech Durer paintings on the walls. Tiago Azevedo is a leading figure of contemporary art movement Pop-Surrealism, and his most recent series of oil paintings was displayed at Castelo Branco and Grafstein’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Some of the subjects Azevedo and Castelo Branco address in their new video series include what conversation topics to avoid at a formal dinner, when is the right time to serve champagne, and why to ask guests about their allergies and food restrictions ahead of time. They also explain how the setting of the cutlery should follow the menu, and why guests should never refuse dessert. In other episodes, the two artists discuss what made painters like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso so successful, and how relevant the work of art dealers and curators still is.


When asked about the video series, Azevedo said that “this series is an extension of another YouTube series that I have been working on for some time now. José Castelo Branco is a very prominent art dealer and he has a lot of precious tips to share with my audience. The idea is to create as much awareness as possible on how the art business and industry works, giving the viewer the deepest insights”.

“We also talk about how fabulous and prosperous an artist’s life can be,” Azevedo continued. “One of my personal goals in life is to change the conversation from the so-called starving artist mentality to the abundant artist philosophy. José and I discuss how people can prepare for success with tips about body language, social talk, etiquette, fashion, and even decoration. One of our objectives is to ensure that success – however each person chooses to define it – happens for as many people as possible. That is the intention for this video series. I believe it will help open the eyes of many people on how successful your life can be if you follow your passion”.

Check out Storytime with José Castelo Branco & Tiago Azevedo on YouTube to find out more etiquette rules, such as the right posture to have at the table, and how to politely let your guests know that it is time to go home.

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