Ashley Graham & Dr. Barbara Sturm Talk Skincare, Beauty, And More In New YouTube Interview

by Aaron Royce

Skin School is now in session! This week, skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm filmed a special video with supermodel Ashley Graham on YouTube—just in time for the holidays. As part of Sturm’s educational Skin School series, which highlights common skin problems and wellness for young adults with guests like Emma Roberts, Hailey Bieber, and Sabrina Elba, the new mom discussed the keys to her self-care, health, and skincare journey.

Skincare is, naturally, a large focus of the video—after all, Sturm is the mastermind behind the infamous collagen-boosting vampire facial and counts Kate Moss, Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as fans of her luxe skincare line. Interestingly, 33-year-old Graham disclosed that, prior to modeling, she didn’t have any established routine for her skin.

“I never thought about [skin] prep before a job until I started getting that one random zit that I couldn’t help but pop and when I popped it, it turned into a scab and I was like ‘What am I doing, why am I getting these zits?,'” she revealed. “This is going to ruin this campaign that I’m shooting,’ so I started making sure that no matter what, I was going to wash my face before I went to bed.”

In the one hour-long video, Graham also breaks down her approach to beauty (“less is more”), as well as how she gains confidence (“it’s just about being myself”) and the downsides of today’s youth growing up with social media. However, out of the many pearls of wisdom and tips she shares, the model’s best nugget of advice is to look to older generations for guidance on absolutely anything.

She noted: “The best thing you can do no matter what you are going through—whether it’s a body issue, mental health issue, a relationship issue, school, job, work—is to ask someone older than you, ask them for advice and ask for help. Just remember you are not alone in any of these situations.”

You can watch the full interview now on Sturm’s YouTube channel. The live interview also raised funds for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, which works to end Californian mass incarceration.

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