20 Best Quotes From the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards

by The Daily Front Row

From the red carpet to the main event itself, last night’s CFDA Fashion Awards were full of awesome and highly quotable moments. 

1. Naomi Campbell on racism in the fashion industry:
“I was told many times that I couldn’t do certain things because of the color of my skin, but I’ve never let that be an excuse. I let it drive me. And, of course, I’m human and I found it hard at times not to take it personally, but I stand here today, as a proud woman […] of color and I will continue to push for diversity and equality.”

Naomi Campbell (CFDA, BFA)

2. Naomi Campbell on her notoriously bad behavior:
“Many in this room have dealt with my lateness and I’ve grown up in front of all of you and here I am 32 years later, clean and sober. You’ve been there with me through the thick and the thin, through the good times, through the rough times, Naomi it’s time to grow up times, and you’ve kept me grounded and loyal, and for that, I thank you.”

3. Naomi Campbell on being one of the original supermodels:
“It’s been a very special time and a privilege to have been there in the legendary era of the fashion industry and have shared it with wonderful women: Cindy, Stephanie, Linda, Christy, Claudia, and Kate. You are my sisters and without you I don’t think people would have ever heard of me. And I thank you for your unconditional love and support.”

4. Lee Daniels on the first time he saw Naomi Campbell in person:
I knew I wanted to work with Naomi Campbell when I first laid eyes on her… I watched her in awe… [like] a deer [in] headlight[s]. She just stared at me. No, she glared at me. She wasn’t giving me shade. She was studying me. I was so taken aback by her utter audacity, her honesty, her bravery. I knew we’d work together.

Lee Daniels and Naomi Campbell (CFDA, BFA)

5. Ralph Lauren on Ralph Lauren:
“I don’t know if I’d ever call myself a designer.”

Ralph Lauren and Ricky Lauren (Patrick McMullan)

6. Issa Rae, who hosted the awards show, on Kanye West’s infamous TMZ rant:
“I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is black. Only when it’s convenient. That joke was my choice, just like slavery.”

Issa Rae (Patrick McMullan)

7. Kim Kardashian West accepting the CFDA’s first ever Influencer Award:
“I’m kind of shocked that I am winning a fashion award when I am naked most of the time.”

Kim Kardashian West (Patrick McMullan)

8. Oprah Winfrey on Edward Enninful:
“From the very first time I met you several years ago, I could feel your goodness. I could feel your kindness, your support of your friends. You are a beautiful human being inside and out, and I just wanted to be here to support you to say ‘Congratulations, you deserve this award.’”

Edward Enninful and Oprah Winfrey (CFDA, BFA)

9. Edward Enninful on inclusivity in fashion:
“My mother loved fashion and how proud she would be to see that I never stopped dreaming or working towards this moment. Growing up in West London, I never knew it was possible to achieve something like this, and I’m not done yet. In a world that is increasingly divided, we must remember: we are more alike than we are different. British Vogue is about being inclusive. It’s not just the color of your skin, but the diversity of perspective. That is what drives us forward and not back. I have a bold vision of what the future can and will look like. Fashion has the opportunity to contribute now more than ever to a more inclusive, diverse, and tolerant society. I want my work to advocate this change.”

10. Busy Philipps on the power of Kim Kardashian:
“You change the way the rest of the world looks at fashion in so many fundamental ways and not just because I personally didn’t know that you wear high heels with bike shorts but that is part of it, you made me want to try and it did not work for me. But you are the influencers, influencer. Your impact on how they dress and want they want to look like has had real cultural significance. There is a direct line between you posting a photo of yourself and then 112 million people around the world wanting the color of your hair, your makeup look, the top you’re wearing, the bag you’re using and that’s just from your personal Instagram alone.”

Busy Philipps and Kim Kardashian West (CFDA, BFA)

11. Caroline Kennedy on her late mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ relationship with Carolina Herrera:
“My mother thought the fashion establishment wasn’t giving her friend a fair shake, and she set about to change their minds. Together, they took on New York in their quiet, careful, and determined way. They didn’t talk about it; they just did it by looking better than everyone else. My mother thought Mrs. Herrera was the most elegant, most intelligent, and hardest working businesswoman she knew. Even more importantly she believed that Caroline had had a unique sense of occasion that comes from understanding history, culture, and the power of femininity.”

12. Alexander Wang on Kaia Gerber’s red-carpet prep:
“She got ready in five minutes.”

Kaia Gerber and Alexander Wang (Patrick McMullan)

13. Fifteen-year-old Maddie Ziegler on the value of her Tiffany and Co. jewels:
“I don’t [know how much they cost], but if I were to lose something, I’d be in huge trouble.”

Maddie Ziegler (Patrick McMullan)

14. Josephine Skriver on leaving her high heels at home for once:
“I think this is my first time wearing flats on the red carpet. I think it’s such a great statement because I don’t think that women have to wear super mega high heels to be sexy and beautiful and elegant.”

Josephine Skriver (Patrick McMullan)

15. Narciso Rodriguez on his ability to deliver a good acceptance speech (he was honored with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award):
“I hate public speaking. I’m terrible at it. I have to rise to the occasion this time. [But] it’s an award that means a great deal to me… I just need to get to the other side of that speech in one piece.”

Julianna Margulies and Narciso Rodriguez (Patrick McMullan)

16. Martha Hunt on prepping for the big night:
“This took about two hours, but I’m also kind of used to that. I’m used to being in a makeup chair for a long time. The eyes were the longest part, everything else took like two seconds. I have 42 rhinestones on my eyes. I’ve had to deal with worse lashes. This is actually pretty comfortable in comparison.”

Martha Hunt (Patrick McMullan)

17. Kit Keenen on James Jebbia’s nomination for Menswear Designer of the Year for Supreme:
“I was researching the nominees, and for my generation seeing that Supreme is nominated is so amazing because I feel represented and my generation feels represented at the CFDA Awards. It’s such a historical event, but to be touching on this part of my generation, it’s amazing.”

Kit Keenen and Cynthia Rowley (Patrick McMullan)

18. Sies Marjan designer Sander Lak (winner of the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent) on whether or not he had prepared a speech:
“No, I’m just going to wing it. I just don’t expect to win, and if I do, I’ll probably say something stupid anyway.”

Sander Lak of Sies Marjan (Patrick McMullan)

19. Dilone on her red Sachin & Babi column dress:
“I’m excited to be wearing the sexiest dress I’ve ever worn in my entire life. It’s incredible. Usually I wear a lot of boyish looks so it’s really fun to be wearing something sexy.”

Dilone (Patrick McMullan)

20. Brandon Maxwell on his post-show plans:
“We’re doing the after party… I’m probably going to have five or ten drinks inside.”

Joan Smalls and Brandon Maxwell (Patrick McMullan)

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