Yoana Baraschi Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

Over a few chocolate croissants and sips of iced coffee at The Wayfarer, Yoana Baraschi showed off her Spring 2015 collection yesterday. “The collection was inspired by the bold graphics and clash of colors that you see in the African aesthetic, which is very close to street couture,” the designer told your Daily. And featuring a mix of vibrant African-inspired prints, interspersed with colorful leopard print, this collection is certainly not for the faint of heart. Although those who prefer a simpler color palette will find solace in a patterned black and white dress, or a sheer honeycomb trench coat. A pair of pants with palm fronds on them will have the same effect as well. But back to those vibrant prints! Baraschi told us: “I found one of the prints five years ago in a market in Paris, but it was too early to do anything with it. So I just held onto it until the time was right.” To counter these prints, the makeup from Butter London was a refreshing twist on the graphic trend, with swoops of bold white eyeliner and pops of orange lipstick. And while editors noshed and discussed the season ahead, the mods also got in some breakfast time, too. Much-needed fuel for the week ahead!

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