The Good News Files: Part 3 Hilary Rhoda, Garrett Neff, Ali Tate, Fernando Garcia and More!

by Eddie Roche
We don’t have to tell you that the past few months have been tough on us all, so we’ve been asking friends of THE DAILY SUMMER to send some good news our way. Here’s part 3 of 3
LillIana Vazquez
“In the middle of the pandemic, with both of my shows for E! off the air, I was devastated to say the least, but I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to get to work. I transformed my guest room in Montauk into a full-service studio with lighting equipment, cameras, and a green screen. I had no idea how to do this when I started, but after a lot of YouTube and some FaceTimes, I was able to successfully set up all the equipment by myself. This “renovation” made it possible to launch an all-new show called E! Pop on Peacock for NBC’s brand-new streaming platform (launching July 15th). As the host and producer, I had to master a million new skills, but it also taught me the most important lessons of all—never stop learning and don’t ever underestimate yourself!”

Lilliana Vazquez, TV personality

Carmen Tal
“I was surprised to see how easily I was able to adjust to living with less and needing less. In quarantine, all I’ve needed is the supermarket, the post office, and the local gas station convenience store, which sells the best raspberry pie ever. Reconnecting with myself and spending time with my children has been priceless. We are all more adaptable and resilient than we know.”

Carmen Tal, Co-Founder, Moroccanoil

Ali Tate
“My brother and I have been living together in NYC during quarantine. He moved away after college, and we haven’t spent time together really since childhood. Now that we’re inside together all the time, we have been playing card games, drawing, taking photos together, and seriously bonding. Haven’t felt this close to my brother in more than a decade!”

Ali Tate, Model

Fernando Garcia “I’ve been growing a beard!”

Fernando Garcia, Co-Creative Director, Oscar De La Renta and Monse

Pritika Swarup “After years of endlessly ordering in, I finally learned how to cook!”

Pritika Swarup, Model

Garrett Neff
“I was able to spend three weeks under the same roof as my mother for the first time in almost 20 years. Instead of email lengths texts and sharing funny email chains from her friends, we were able to share a lot of laughs, cook together, and even be a part of a photo shoot for a local magazine back where I grew up called Chadds Ford JunXion. Not only that, but we were fulfilling bathing suit orders together for my swim brand KATAMA. I miss the city but not as much, apparently, as I missed the ease of spending time with family for long periods of time.”
Garrett Neff

Garrett Neff (Patrick McMullan/PMC)

Jeremy Larner
“My boys, ages 5 and 3, have a buddy named Sully who comes over to play every day with his sister, Indy. The other day, we ‘celebrated’ Sully being three years cancer-free.”

Jeremy Larner, Art Dealer

Nicolai Marciano
“I’m usually traveling all the time, so I took advantage of the time to get healthy and get into a health and fitness routine.”

Nicolai Marciano, Director of Brand Partnerships, Guess

Kate Lagos
“I’ve always wanted a green thumb! Because my travels have been paused, I’ve invested my time building a small garden. I love cooking with fresh herbs!”

Kate Lagos, Brand Stylist

Charlotte Bickley and Sophie Bickley
“As sisters, aged 27 and 25, we never expected to be spending so much time together, and we certainly never expected to actually love it. From the morning workouts and socially distant walks to afternoon meetings and family home-cooked dinners, there was a peaceful rhythm to our days that we hadn’t experienced in years. It felt like the old days when we were living at home and going to school together, sharing quiet moments the way sisters are meant to. A piece of good news in a sea of bad.”

Sophie and Charlotte Bickley (Courtesy)

Kelly Brady
“During these challenging times, I can’t help but feel extra thankful for life’s precious gifts—welcoming baby No. 2 in October!”

Kelly Brady, founder, Brandsway Creative

Sasha Benz
“We’re having a third baby. Welcome to the circus! We also opened two new stores in town, totaling three in the building. I guess three is our lucky number this year.”

Sasha Benz, Owner, WYLD Blue and WYLD Black

Katie Lee
“I’m so excited to meet this baby, but I also want to savor these last few months of pregnancy. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own body than now.”

Katie Lee, TV Host, Author

Hilary Rhoda “I’m expecting this month!”

Hilary Rhoda, Model

Steven Beltrani
“Good news is I discovered I don’t need a haircut every three and a half weeks. It’s been three months and counting and I’ve almost achieved surfer-style status, which means more good news on the way!”

Steven Beltrani, Chief Communications Officer, Tracy Anderson

Katie Sands
“I used the past few months of quarantine as a way to offer my mental well-being something special. I tried to use it as an invitation to slow down my usual fast-paced life and reconnect with myself and my family. There was something truly unique about living a simpler life without the fear of missing out on a big work event, 30th-birthday party, or wedding. I know that so many were not as fortunate to have the space to be comfortable in isolation, and I really took that to heart with everything I did in both my personal life and in my digital community.”

Katie Sands, Influencer

Cora Emmanuel “I reconnected with long-lost friends and reconnected with my true self.”

Cora Emmanuel, Model

Blair Breitenstein
“I am finally taking advantage of my roof! I have found so much peace and fresh air in the middle of chaos on my roof for the past couple of months.”

Blair Breitenstein, Influencer

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