Warning! Sticky-Fingered “Fake Stylist” Remains on the Loose!

by Ashley Baker

If anything could brighten this dingy, rainy day here at Daily HQ, it’s an email with the subject line “WARNING – FAKE STYLIST STEALING FROM DESIGNERS !!” According to our friends at Dazed, the elegantly-monikered Arnaud Henry Mensan has been claiming an affiliation with the title (along with Elle, Bullet, and AnOther) in order to borrow luxury goods for photo shoots—which, the pub claims, aren’t exactly happening. The guy allegedly borrowed 10,000 pounds’ worth of samples from Berlui, and then ceased all communication. If you or yours have been in a similar issue, please, contact tips@dazedmedia.com—and make sure to copy us. Meanwhile, reflect on the fact that his Instagram account has over 92.4K followers.

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soca November 30, 2016 - 8:52 PM

Mensan’s Instagram has been disabled.


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