Twitter Goes After Meghan Markle For “Inappropriate” Outfit, Kate Spade Handbags Boom

by Taylor Harris

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Meghan Markle Gets Flack For Wearing an Off-the-Shoulder Dress (Page Six)
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their first official post-honeymoon appearance over the weekend to celebrate Trooping the Colour, the annual parade for the Queen’s birthday, held in London in June each year. Markle emerged looking stunning in a beautiful petal pick dress, that (gasp!) exposed her shoulders.

Twitter trolls, of course, pounced, citing royal protocol as if they were experts on the subject. For the record, there is no stipulation specifically banning shoulder exposure.

Thankfully, Markle’s supporters were equally vocal, ready to fire off 140 character retorts.

This faux outrage is totally inane. Markle partially exposed her shoulders not only with the boatneck neckline of her wedding dress, but in the Stella McCartney halter-top column she wore to her wedding reception. Plus, the throne is evolving — get used to it!

Shoppers Are Snapping Up Kate Spade Handbags Following Her Death (Business of Fashion)
According to consignment e-tailer Tradesy, the online marketplace saw a sextupling of average prices, a doubling of supply, and an 800 percent increase in purchases of Kate Spade handbags following the designers unexpected death last week. Bags that had sold for $50 the previous week were fetching $300 almost immediately after it was learned that Spade had committed suicide. “Whenever an artist of any kind passes, it’s a common thing that you see both demand for their products increase and average price also increase,” Kamini Lane, chief marketing officer of Tradesy told Business of Fashion. “But I’ve never seen a jump this significant before.”

Rachel Bloom Claps Back at Neil Patrick Harris Following Tonys Critique
Haters gonna hate. Neil Patrick Harris’ live-tweeting, or live-criticiquing, of last night’s Tonys Awards didn’t go unnoticed by his peers. After Harris lodged a somewhat bitchy remark at Rachel Bloom in which he said she “says ‘like’ and ‘oh my god’ a lot,” Bloom decided to put Harris in his place and we’re totally here for it.

Patrick Harris tried to ameliorate the situation, responding innocuously: “Indeed! Well said. Thanks for the reminder. How was backstage?” Bloom didn’t respond.

NET-A-PORTER Takes Vacay Style on Vacay
The Net Set is called that for a reason and the luxury e-tailer proved it over the weekend. NET-A-PORTER shuttled 35 chicsters including Alexa Chung, Harley Viera Newton, Paloma Elsesser, Brandon Maxwell, Devon Windsor, and others down to Hotel Esencia in Tulum as a kickoff to the e-tailer’s new JET-A-PORTER vacation-focused portal. It’s an online destination for shoppers to shop before their next far-flung, IRL destination — a curated shop of the best bikinis and vacation-wear out there. Other necessary accoutrement such as straw hats and SPF-powered beauty products are also available. The group, outfitted in the latest luxury beachwear, jetted down to Tulum and had a blast. We’re getting FOMO just looking at these pics!

Sarah Staudinger, Harley Viera Newton, Alexa Chung, and Lisa Aiken

Paloma Elsesser and Alexa Chung

Laura Love, Harley Viera Newton, Sarah Staudinger, Leigh Lezark, Cassie Coane, Alexis Page, Nathalie Love, Matt Hitt, Niki Takesh, Alexa Chung, Waseem Cheema, and DJ Ross One

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