Editor’s Pick: Dolce & Gabbana’s Large Devotion Bag

by Taylor Harris

What: A large, top-handled handbag from Dolce’s new Devotion series. The must-have bag is crafted from supple nappa leather and sealed with a handmade jeweled heart garlanded with inlay pearls, a DG logo at its core. The emblem is hand-tooled in micro-forged brass and copper using the same techniques traditionally utilized by artisan jewelers. In other words, it’s made with a lot of love and devotion.

Who: Dolce & Gabbana, duh!

Why: Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana know what makes an Instagrammable finale — they’re regularly Millennial It kid-heavy castings don’t hurt. But before they sent out their herd of models at the end of their fall 2018 show, the designers dispatched out a fleet of drones buzzing down the runway, each toting a different Devotion bag. The brand describes the moment on their site: “The Devotion Bag came down to Earth on the wings of mechanical angels. Guided by the rotors of a cutting-edge drone, it arrived in flight before the disbelieving eyes of the spectators at the Women’s Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show. It was a fashion apparition, a dream come true.” In short, this is the bag to have come fall.

Where: They just became available for pre-order on DolceGabbana.com!

How (much): $2,145

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