Timo Weiland’s Supper Club

by Alexandra Ilyashov

On Sunday evening, Timo Weiland threw a delectable dinner party avec close pal Amanda Hearst, Samsung, and The Daily at just-opened steak house BV’s Grill, the new eatery from the meat maestros behind Bobby Van’s. Weiland caught us up on his hosting how-to’s, his favorite memories with Hearst, and what’s next for his eponymous label.

How did you pair up with Amanda Hearst to co-host tonight’s chic dinner?
Amanda is such a dear friend of mine. Friends of Finn is an organization she founded a few years back to support the Humane Society. We wanted to partner with Samsung and The Daily in support of Friends of Finn, and we wanted to be a bit out of the box and interesting. 

What’s your most beloved memory with Amanda?
In Miami recently, we had this beautiful garden dinner at Casa Tua for Luigi Tadini’s birthday, which is one of my very favorite restaurants in the world. It was like heaven: perfect weather, a huge celebration.

What might we not know about Amanda?
She’s kind of a tomboy at heart! A really chic tomboy.

Friends of Finn is an animal-centric charity. Do you have any pets?
I just got a kitten, actually. I grew up on a marsh in the Florida wetlands, really close to the ocean, with cats, dogs, and fish around, plus horses that belonged to our neighbors. It was an amazing place to grow up. There were wild boars on our property—kind of scary but pretty cool.

Got any tips for throwing a great party?
I enjoy hosting! I try not to get too stressed out, and to pay attention to detail. This week is just fever-pitch crazy, but I try to be as present as possible.

What’s the best bash chez Timo?
We have this annual Christmas party at my apartment, and 250 to 300 people pass through over the course of the night. It’s a 1,200-square-foot apartment, and the tree is just enormous, so it can get kind of crazy! But we make it work.

What are your signature tipples/nibbles to serve?
I love whiskey sours, mojitos, and margaritas. Food-wise I love anything Mexican or Indian, but I always keep it pretty light and not too spicy.

Are you a carnivore?
Oh, definitely! I love red meat, and I’m a big steak house person. But I’m also a fairly healthy eater, so the menu at BV’s Grill was a special occasion sort of thing for me. 

Okay, onto fashion. What’s the scoop on the new collection?
We explored a lot of new techniques—there’s a lot of newness! There are some fresh silhouettes we’re really excited about, too. It’s preppy, street, and classic with a modern twist. It’s quirky cool; an accessible type of luxury. 

Did you design this collection anywhere unusual?
A lot of times I find myself on a bus, plane, or in a car. When I’m in transit, it gives me head space to put everything else aside and really think. Plenty of designing happens in the office, of course—the brand is really an extension of our personalities, and of friends, too. We’re each other’s own muses! It’s a collaboration among the three of us—myself, Alan [Eckstein], and Donna [Kang].

Is it more challenging to whip up a fall or a spring collection?
Definitely fall! It’s a lot heavier. Still, we always try to keep it light. It’s important for us to remember the whole “wear now” concept. There’s always a nautical, coastal, surf-prep vibe, so it makes more sense for us to keep it light. But there’s still a lot of texture and hand-knit pieces. Spring comes a lot more naturally.

Is it hard to come off of summer, straight from Labor Day, to the NYFW grind?
Summer’s our busiest time, by far—there’s no lazy summer for us! Actually, there’s not much lazy time at all. Besides designing men’s and women’s collections, we do all sorts of consulting projects. We’re always creating, all year round.

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