The Right Path for Patients with Sensitive Skin Starts and Stays at Local Dermatology Practices with SKNV

by Jordan Finkle

Your face takes the spotlight every time you step out into the world, which also means dealing with ongoing skin conditions can sometimes feel tiresome. This is especially true for the majority of the population who report having sensitive skin. The fear that a prescription dermatology medication might irritate your sensitive skin is a constant concern as too many of today’s medications contain certain preservatives and additives that may be irritants for different types of patients.

Further saturating the prescription market is the rise of direct-to-consumer (DTC) dermatology brands which have been doubling in size annually since 2020. While the DTC approach provides online convenience, these companies leave patients without a trusted local dermatologist for guidance and ongoing care. The reality is dermatology is a complex medical field where every patient has different needs. Trying to turn prescriptions into a “fast food medicine” ignores the need for patient customization while repeating many of the same issues that are concerning to people living with sensitive skin. Even in the age of telemedicine, having a trusted local doctor who truly understands your unique prescription needs and medical history remains invaluable.

The search for the right prescription solution for your sensitive skin no longer has to feel overwhelming. It now simply starts at your local dermatology practice with SKNV, where customized medications and the latest in digital health work together without compromise. As the innovation leader in customized dermatology medications made for sensitive skin, SKNV continues to make headway with its latest launch.

The new SKNV system is a comprehensive dermatology solution designed to empower local dermatology practices with the customized medications and digital health tools needed to meet the evolving care needs of modern patients. Dr. Spencer Malkin, the Founder and CEO of SKNV, shared, “SKNV empowers local dermatologists with the advanced, customized solutions patients seek without losing the personal care from local providers they trust.”

SKNV is helping revolutionize local dermatology while delivering a more tailored solution for patients that have sensitive skin with:

Custom Medications Made for Sensitive Skin Available Only From Your Local Dermatology Practice
Up to 70% of the population has sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many prescription medications contain up to 93% inactive ingredients, some of which may act as potential irritants or allergens for patients with skin sensitivities. SKNV, as an FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, enables local dermatologists to prescribe customized medications in a topical formula that contains the active ingredients you need without the questionable stuff you don’t. This can be a game-changer for patients with sensitive skin.

By addressing this significant gap in prescription medication, SKNV enables local dermatologists to exclusively offer over 90 customized medications covering all major skin conditions. SKNV gives local practices the autonomy to determine the appropriate strength and type of topical solution for each patient, allowing for a more bespoke approach when treating patients with sensitive skin.

SKNV’s customized medications are seamlessly integrated into every dermatology practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for easy and immediate ePrescibing. With affordable pricing that’s often less than the cost of a co-pay, SKNV requires no prior authorization from insurance companies. Both the prescriber and patient are now able to focus on the right customized care without the third-party friction that too often plagues today’s healthcare choices and access to medications.

Digital Health That Keeps Patients Engaged While Improving Rx Compliance Between Appointments
SKNV gives local practices the advanced digital health tools and telehealth options to expand their online capabilities to prescribe, refill and help patients proactively manage their skin conditions during a treatment plan. Patients using digital health are more likely to follow the instructions of their prescription and complete refill regimens, which leads to better outcomes and overall happier, healthier patient communities.

By offering popular ePrescibing services, secure messaging features and needed telehealth options (all expertly managed by your local practice), SKNV enables dermatologists and patients to effectively communicate in between office visits without comprising care or convenience. Combing the best in local care with the latest in digital health is the next meaningful step forward in healthcare.

Convenient Online Skincare Options From Your Local Practice to Complete the Care Continuum
DTC dermatology brands attract consumer loyalty through digital stores and monthly subscription services, recognizing it’s often more convenient for individuals to purchase monthly skincare products online. SKNV enables local practices to now provide the same online simplicity with sknvcare. Unlike traditional skincare where local practices only have in-office inventory, every local dermatologist utilizing the SKNV system has a cutting-edge ecommerce store for their patients to purchase sknvcare products 24/7 with free shipping. Given the same choice to purchase their monthly skincare needs online, patients overwhelmingly prefer to support their local practice.

The future of dermatology is taking shape, and SKNV knows the right path for patients with sensitive skin starts and stays with their local dermatology practice. That’s why SKNV is only available from your local doctor. Start your journey to a customized medication that’s made for your skin at today!

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