Discover Sidepiece at Whitechapel Projects: Championing Culinary Adventure, Sustainability, and Social Equity

by Amir Bakian

Nestled in the bustling heart of Long Branch, New Jersey, a unique culinary endeavor fuses creativity and cuisine with unparalleled artistry. Welcome to Sidepiece, the latest brainchild of culinary maven Marilyn Schlossbach and artistic visionary Scott Szegeski, situated within the extraordinary creative hub known as Whitechapel Projects.

Imagine a place where the bold vibrancy of a pizza, coupled with a creative and communal spirit, conjures a feast for all senses. Sidepiece, the premier pizzeria at Whitechapel Projects, promises just that. Offering a tantalizing array of pizzas, it caters to an eclectic array of palates, from traditional meat lovers to plant-based enthusiasts and gluten-free gourmets.


But the charm of Sidepiece is not just confined to its doughy delights and delicious toppings. Housed within the breathtakingly innovative Whitechapel Projects complex, this open-air pizzeria encapsulates the ethos of regenerative architectural design, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. To visit Sidepiece is to embark on an engaging journey that straddles the realms of culinary craftsmanship and cultural immersion.


In the spirit of celebration and community, Sidepiece invites you to dive into their Mini Pool Party launching on July 19, 2023. Expect an evening teeming with vivacity as the melodic tunes of Dark City Strings complement the colorful cultural tapestry. Amidst the splashes and laughter, savor the alluring fusion of art, music, and pizza that truly sets Sidepiece apart.

The passionate duo behind Sidepiece, Marilyn Schlossbach and Scott Szegeski, share a dream to cultivate a space where the community can connect, celebrate, and cherish the blend of art and culinary experience. Schlossbach, a renowned restaurateur, chef, and humanitarian, brings her culinary prowess to the table, while Szegeski, an acclaimed artist, infuses the space with creative flair.


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The tale of Sidepiece’s birth cannot be told without giving a nod to the genesis of the whole operation: Whitechapel Projects. Founded by Preston Casertano, this creative oasis is inspired by the pulsating energy of London’s Whitechapel District, which thrives on the intersection of art, performance, and everyday life. The commitment to art and community, reflected in the adaptive reuse of a 120-year-old warehouse, lies at the heart of Whitechapel Projects. This ethos has been seamlessly translated into the design and spirit of Sidepiece.

An authentic manifestation of Schlossbach’s philosophy, Sidepiece, and by extension, the entire Whitechapel Projects, serve as a testament to the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social equity. Schlossbach firmly believes in the interconnectedness of our community, stating, “We are all connected and deserving of having a joyful and kind existence.”


As the sun sets on the horizon and the lights flicker to life at Sidepiece, get ready to indulge in an exquisite slice of pizza, sip on a hand-crafted beverage, soak in the ambiance, and bask in the joyful existence that Schlossbach and her team have so lovingly curated. An evening at Sidepiece is not just about food and drink; it’s about community, creativity, and the celebration of a vision brought to life. For more information, visit

Presented by: Sara Smith

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