Beauty Made in Italy Spotlight: Pietro Simone Skincare

by Tangie Silva

For Pietro Simone—CEO and founder of the eponymous skincare line—his creations are a passion and mission, not just a job. Before launching the luxury brand, Simone garnered experience through 20 years of delivering facials, developing beneficial protocols, training, and continually listening to clients’ needs. It’s this combination of selective ingredients, Simone’s way of developing products, and his unique approaches that are the key to the brand’s luxe offerings.

Tell us about the company’s origin.
Pietro Simone Skincare was born in 2010 following dedicated research for the need to create proprietary skin care formulations and body protocols. The objective was to discover and offer products that would intensively reach and work the epidermis whilst treating a variety of aging causes. Since 2010, the evolution of the brand, the outstanding process of increased knowledge and growth, has not ceased and has been truly wonderful.

Pietro Simone (courtesy)

How did you become so interested in skin care?
It may feel rhetorical, but I was 6 years old when I first became interested in skin care. I was always lost for words when I saw my female family members coming out from the bathroom after their beauty routines in preparation for their day ahead or family events. I remember consistently questioning myself on what could possibly be occurring inside the bathroom to make them glow in such a manner and exit the bathroom even more beautiful than they already were. I started hiding inside the shower to understand this mystery! I then saw all those creams and serums and that was the precise moment I realized the huge difference a single jar of cream made for them and, more importantly, I became obsessed at unveiling what was inside those jars. Science has always fascinated me and it immediately became my point of focus, my epiphany in the need to become a creator of that wonderful feeling obtained by the miracle of skin care.

What’s the difference between the Essential Collection and the Prestige Collection?
The Essential Collection is what I would refer to as your skin diet, your skin maintenance, the products that are part of your daily routine. The Essential Collection is focused on 16 to 45-year-olds, infusing the essential hydration, antioxidant, and first anti-aging ingredients to revitalize, support, enhance, protect, and stimulate great healthy skin. The Prestige Collection is a booster into the booster—it’s a super-concentrated collection to target specifically the aging process such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, skin laxity, and imbalances and imperfections of the epidermis. The advanced list of active ingredients and powerful peptides make the Prestige Collection a proper fighter against the aging process. They work perfectly together for the requirements of the skin due to the advanced formulations and the layering technique of 2 collections. It allows a 100 percent personalization of a powerful skincare routine.

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Repost from @lorenalori_ • Happy first day of Fall everyone! I'm so excited to share this beauty brand Pietro Simone Skincare @pietrosimoneofficial . This brand is made in Italy. Their formulations are infused with high percentages of active ingredients.Their patented Italian Bella Complex delivers a deep nourishment and rejuvenation to the skin. They were so nice to send me two of their products. ✨ The Fluid – ultra lightweight moisturizer, revitalizes and protects the skin, leaves skin softer, defends against premature aging I love how creamy this moisturizer is. The texture is thin and feels very lightweight. It has a strong floral scent that I didn't like but it doesn't linger. My skin felt very moisturized and soft. It absorbs so well into my skin. ✨ Bio-Perfector Mask – high-tech, oxygenating, skin rejuvenator, refines skin texture, brightens and clarifies, reduces fine lines and wrinkles You wear this mask 5-15 minutes and then you rinse it off. This mask feels tingly while on. I did notice that my skin was red after using it but it says it that will happen and it goes away after a few minutes. This is also has a strong floral scent but it does not linger. This mask left my skin so soft and smooth. The biggest change that I've noticed is an improvement in my skin texture. These products are cruelty-free, non-GMO, and reusable packaging. Thank you @pietrosimoneofficial ! . . . @beautymadeinitaly #italianbellacomplex #ourskinisthetheatreoflife #beautyxitaly

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What is the company’s overall philosophy?
The past is always a great source of wisdom and tradition. I truly believe in it. My grandma gave me so much to think about and in some way modernize without changing the core to deliver exact results. The present and the future has allowed me to have the latest technologies and ingredients to achieve outstanding results. My overall philosophy is to deliver results on a multi-level, not only in what we call beauty but also true satisfaction.

The company also seems to be dedicated to sustainability and environment-friendly practices.
I’m committed to achieving a new level of sustainability. I’m working on a new packaging solution which I hope will be a massive success on many different levels. We work with ethical companies, including logistics, where we aim to save and limit the number of unnecessary operations. We use recycled materials, have limited the printing action, and are evolving massively towards digital service materials. Additional objectives are on the list and in the next year, we will increasingly move towards a “greener” environment.

What’s next for the company?
Evolution, the next chapter is increased evolution. New products will be released, as well as new protocols to support the skin. In my mind, at some point, a PS “academy” will be an incredible achievement where the key will be an education in this beautiful world and hopefully a new way to see and feel beautiful in our era. And I’m also dedicated to the creation of my private charity foundation.

Pietro Simone Skincare (courtesy)

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