The Orange Sweater from Cider that is Going Viral on TikTok

by Amir Bakian

Over the years, social media has evolved into an indispensable tool across industries. Today, social media has a huge impact on the fashion industry and what is trending. With billions of users across the various platforms, posts can cause trends to be started overnight.  Social media has also become home to fashion enthusiasts. People from across the globe are using their social media pages to share their fashion hacks, tips, and reviews about different trends.

TikTok is one of the digital platforms that has been creating a buzz in recent months. As it’s a video-sharing app, many people use it as a source of fashion inspiration and advice. The growing user base has made it even more popular. With about 1 billion active users, people are using the platform to showcase their skills and creativity in different fields. FashionTok has also attracted a lot of attention with new trends emerging  now and then. The latest one that is taking TikTok by storm is the viral orange sweater from Cider.

The orange pattern sweater has generated a lot of interest from the audience, with so many people becoming enthralled by the trend. What started as a single video has now become a popular hashtag with hundreds of videos. Every person wants to experience having the orange sweater and express their views about it. From top influencers to celebrities, all are showing the different ways you can style the sweater. Some of the ways, as evident in the videos, include folding and tucking. Different TikTok creators have styled the sweater as a crop sweater pairing it with jeans or a skirt. Others have tucked it into a skirt or pants or just layered it over a slip dress.

More than just an entertainment platform, TikTok is helping people learn and experience new things. With more people jumping on the viral TikTok sweater, many users are also learning different fashion hacks and ways to fashionably style a sweater and stand out.

Among the reasons for so many people falling in love with the uniquely designed orange sweater are its quality and comfort. In many videos, you can hear the creators talk about how comfy it is and that it can be worn in any weather. Another thing that has caught the attention of the public is the fluffy oranges sewn onto the sweater, which make it more attractive and adorable. TikTok has made a name for itself as a fashion incubator, with millions flocking to the platform in search of fashion inspiration. It has become a platform where trendsetters are born, and trends are revived. It’s also where the audience is introduced to new things and styles. Over the past two weeks, TikTok users across the globe have embraced the viral TikTok sweater giving it more visibility and allowing people to experience wearing the trendy sweater. The orange Cider sweater has become a favorite and perfectly suits people of all generations. The Orange Sweater from Cider that is going viral on TikTok

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