The Next Big Testino!

by Sydney Sadick

Marina Testino is a recent Parsons grad, an aspiring designer, a proven influencer, and yes, the niece of a certain guy named Mario. Surely you’ve met?

What did you study at Parsons?
Fashion marketing. My dad keeps asking me why I started my own brand [Point Off View], given my marketing major, but I learned so much about all parts of the industry—how to design, how to produce.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in New York, but we moved around a lot after the Twin Towers fell when I was 7, and we had to evacuate our home. We first moved to the Hamptons, then to a small town, and then to Barcelona, where my parents owned a summer house. At the time, I thought my parents were horrible people for moving me and making me make new friends, but that experience really enriched me. I have friends all over the world and speak four languages: Catalan, French, English, and Spanish. Now, I’m super grateful.

You recently signed with The Society…
I’m part of the agency’s Creative roster, so I’m not a model and I don’t want to be called that.

Are you close with your uncle?
Very. I live just three blocks away from his apartment in NYC. When we’re in the same city, we’ll get together for lunch or dinner. On my dad’s side of the family, we all go to Peru for Christmas, which is always nice to spend time together.

When did you realize that your uncle was the Mario Testino?
Very, very late. [Laughs] I lived in Barcelona until I was 17—at that time, Mario was big in London, Paris, and New York, but Barcelona isn’t really a fashion-centric city. Here and there, Vogue would come out and I’d hear he did something, but I wouldn’t really see it. I really noticed everything he was doing when I moved to Paris to study during my senior year of high school. Every time I’d say my name people would ask, “Are you related [to Mario]?”

Your dad, Giovanni Testino, is also in the biz.
Yes, he founded Art Partner, the agency that represents photographers and makeup artists like Mert & Marcus and Charlotte Tilbury. My dad didn’t want me to be that exposed to it all when I was growing up—he wouldn’t let me go to shows or parties until I was 18.

Has Mario ever photographed you?
Yeah, but not professionally in the studio. I was in a launch video for Bodega MATE, a shop next to his museum in Peru.

Have you interned for him?
Yes, it was really fun! I worked with production, marketing, social media, editing, and more. It allowed me to discover which parts of the industry I was interested in. I really liked digital marketing and social media, which makes sense!

What’s the best piece of advice your uncle has given you?
The most important thing you have is your family, because they are the ones who will always be there for you, no matter what.

What was the genesis for Point Off View?
My whole family is super creative, whether they’re in fashion, jewelry, or art. Every time I visit them in Peru, my aunt takes me to buy fabrics, and then I’ll use them to design my own clothes. Whenever I come back from my trip, I’ll be wearing these [new] dresses, and my friends will be like, “Where did you get that?” So I created Point Off View, where I merge fashion and art with capsule collections made in collaboration with different artists. I work with them to create three to five key pieces. Each collection has a different point of view, and each piece is limited-edition.

When does the first collection launch?
October. I can’t talk about the artists I’ll be working with yet, but I already have two in mind for the next collection. It will be sold online, and I’m working on having a pop-up in October. I’m also working on getting it into some boutiques.

Did you ever contemplate getting a 9-to-5?
I’ve tried. [Laughs] I can’t be at a desk—I need to do something that changes every day. I wouldn’t be able to just sit that long and type on a computer!

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