Sydney Sadick’s Book ‘Aim High’ Is Here To Empower Through Fashion

by Eddie Roche

It’s always fun to see one of our own go on to creating their dream projects, so we’re thrilled to see former Daily editor Sydney Sadick launch her first book this fall. The book, Aim High, is her motivational guide to empower through fashion. Sadick tells us how the project came about, what readers can expect , and how she’s being keeping busy during the pandemic. 

What’s the concept behind Aim High?
Aim High is a motivational guide to discovering your unique style, living fearlessly, and finding your inner confidence to complement your fashion choices in an effort to achieve your goals. I receive so many direct messages from women and men after my on-air fashion segments on TODAY, E!, etc, and I realized they needed more advice beyond that 5-8 minute TV segment. In the book, you’ll learn tangible lessons like how to live a fulfilled life you love, even with challenges like your weight fluctuating, the remedy for the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, how to purge your closet (a great quarantine activity, by the way), what we can learn from celebs like J.LO and models like Karlie Kloss, and how to dress for your dating app profile, in combination with a blend of unfiltered stories and advice to help find your style from within.

Who is the book for?
The notion of aiming high is something that I believe everyone can relate to, no matter your gender or age, because so much of what it means to aim high is about being your most authentic self, as well as being kind and true. We’re all so hard on ourselves, and so many people feel pressured to follow what others are doing in fear of “fitting in” and can lose the authenticity factor along the way. I really tried to make this book interesting for anyone who has an interest in fashion or simply needs a pick-me-up to feel motivated. It’s been fun hearing that men are also enjoying the book!

What are you hoping readers take away from the book?
I hope readers will feel more confident to eliminate fashion emergencies and I also hope for those who might view fashion as superficial, that they will see that it’s so much more than that; to me it’s a huge part of self-care, and the way that you dress can change your mindset and help you achieve the outcomes you want out of life.

How did the book deal all come together?  
Having been a journalism major in college at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public affairs, I had a passion for writing. I always had a fantasy to write a romantic novel (maybe I’ll still do that one day!) but realistically I thought about writing a book on fashion and beauty and wrote an entire manuscript on the topic. A family friend is a book agent and I discussed it with her. She said she wanted to shop the book with different publishers. One of the companies wanted me to write a book, but not the manuscript that was submitted. They thought it would be a better second book and preferred that I would write a book that was an extension of my television segments and help to guide and empower through fashion, which is what became Aim High.

What was the writing process like for you? 
It definitely wasn’t relaxing!! Working at The Daily Front Row was great training; I feel like I had the best experience leading up to this process to be able to get the task done, but it’s definitely unlike any other form of writing I’ve done before. What was most challenging for me was narrowing down exactly what I wanted to talk about and making sure I got in all of the little details.

What was the biggest challenge in the process?
Luckily the book was completed prior to the pandemic but I became quickly aware that my book launch, tour, and other activities were going to change. Even my experienced book team were initially perplexed as to how to proceed in this new environment. We had an amazing book launch filmed by my brother in our backyard with a drone, and had a virtual book launch. It turned out to be so much fun and gave me the opportunity to directly interact with my fans.

What did it mean to have Fern [Mallis] write the forward for you?
It meant everything! I have always looked up to her, starting as a kid who just admired the fashion industry. Fern was one of the first people I interviewed when I worked at The Daily as an intern, interviewing her as she sat front row in Lincoln Center. She was always so kind to me, never pushed me away. I’ve so appreciated her support along the way.

Tell us a little about Lunch Time with Sydney.  
Prior to COVID, I was out and about socializing, networking and doing professional television and event appearances. I even contemplated moving to LA for a TV gig; life was at an all-time high. That first week of lockdown felt like a culture shock, and I noticed that I got super down particularly during lunchtime because that was often the time I’d network via business lunches. I thought if I’m feeling really alone right now, others might be feeling the same way. So, in an effort to create a platform for people to connect, I started the show on Instagram Live, each day bringing on a different interesting person, whether a celeb, designer, reality TV personality, athlete, chef, etc. I’ve had over 125 guests so far which is insane. Some favorites: Carol Baskin of Tiger King, makeup legend Bobbi Brown, artist Ashley Longshore, Isaac Mizrahi, models Maye Musk and Charlotte D’Alessio, Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe, shoe mogul Steve Madden, and social media personality Olivia Culpo. Each week also features a brand giveaway to bring a little dose of luxury to viewers at home. These have included cool handbags, popular cosmetics, designer headbands, and other highly sought-after items from top brands of the moment.

Have you ever been nervous interviewing anyone on the show?
I honestly don’t get nervous on-air, whether on television, with a studio audience, or one-on-one on my LTWS show. Frankly I have such a passion and love what I do that time spent working is some of my most enjoyable time.

You’ve worked really hard marketing the book. What have been some of your creative ways to get the word out there?
Thanks! Talk about pivoting during COVID; my strategy had to totally shift! This time actually allowed me to be more creative and forced me to think outside of the box. One thing that I learned is that people are now more into reading which turned out to be timely with my book. My followers’ interest in hearing me read chapters from my book allowed for interesting social media events. Also, creating videos based on the book enabled me to expand a chapter and bring it to life. I also created an array of Aim High merch and book labels that I was able to sign and send to people who purchased my book. There’s more to come!

Do you intend to write more books?
The interesting thing that I mentioned earlier is that I actually have a manuscript for this next book. I still really want to publish it, so it’s my goal to bring it to reality!

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