Live From L.A.! Sydney Sadick Chats With Stylist Cher Coulter

by Sydney Sadick

Amid bubbly and jewelry galore, our L.A. correspondent, Sydney Sadick caught up with celeb stylist, Cher Coulter at the preview for JewelMint’s new curated marketplace, The Collective.

How’d you get into the styling biz?
I moved to L.A. 11 years ago from London as a fashion designer and walked into the Flaunt magazine offices with these menswear t-shirts I designed. The guy who was running the magazine told me he was going to put Orlando Bloom on the cover and coincidentally, I bumped into Orlando (an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years) at a concert, so Flaunt asked me to style the shoot. It all happened from there—it was the right place at the right time!

Sounds like it! What were your initial impressions of the city?
Well I initially really wanted to work for a Southern California surf brand like Roxy because that’s how I saw California—surfing and living by the beach. But now, 10 years later, it’s like a land for fashion!

Must-shop LA stores, please!
Since I love vintage, I like going to Silver Lake and shopping those little boutiques where genuine girls are putting things together. But at the same time, I love going to Opening Ceremony; stores that have individual character.

What was it like working with your client Kate Bosworth on JewelMint?
It was amazing. We had so much fun doing it together and produced great pieces that I wear to this day! Kate’s doing so well in so many ways, so when JewelMint asked me to come back and produce six pieces I was like great, brilliant!

What’s one thing can’t you live without when on a styling session with one of your clients?
A hole puncher! So like if a shoe doesn’t fit or a belt’s too big, it does it right there. It’s the best!

And what are you looking forward to doing before summer ends?
I want a tan! 

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