Nicolo Bennati Has Created a Cutting Edge Twist on the Traditional Fusing of Art and Wine

by The Daily Front Row

Wine bars have been popular and trendy venues for many years now, they appeal to people because of the tranquil and sophisticated environment they present. People can expect a certain tone and sense of class when coming to a wine bar, as opposed to a local bar that is loud and rowdy. Wine bars are great for socializing in a serene and pleasurable atmosphere, all while enjoying the stimulating conversation of your peers. Nicolo Bennati belongs to the Marzotto family, they are one of the country’s largest family-owned producers of quality wine. Bennati is a Miami native, and is taking his knowledge and tradition of the family business to open Ccool, giving his hometown a unique and unrivaled experience.

Art and wine go together very well, as the experience caters to a refined crowd looking to experience different types of quality wine, while exploring the intrinsic meaning in exquisite art pieces. Bennati and co-owner Nickolas Conde partnered with Rudolf Budja, who is successful art gallery owner, fusing their vast experience in art and wine to create Ccool. Ccool is a new spin on a traditional city establishment, allowing people to enjoy their drinks while adoring beautiful pieces of art from both contemporary and past artists. The Ccool team hand-picked pieces from Budja’s gallery, selecting artists like Andy Warhol, RETNA, Noach Becker, Jeff Koons, and Nychos. The pieces in the gallery are for sale, so make sure to add some flavor to your home or office by purchasing one of these extraordinary pieces.

Bennati has been in the wine business for many years, and attained his sommelier certification when he was traveling the world in order to gain access to different wine brands for distribution. Bennati’s immense experience in the wine industry has led him to create a diverse and magnificent selection of wine for Ccool. There are 100 different types of wines by the glass, and an even bigger selection for those looking to buy by the bottle. Bennati and Budja began to share the same vision for Ccool, as Bennati is constantly buying art from Budja’s gallery. The wine connoisseur and art aficionado knew their space of expertise would perfectly complement each other for this exciting new venture.

Ccool is a new take on an age-old concept of combining wine at art showings or galleries. Bennati and Budja are taking a new approach, as Ccool is an art gallery with a full kitchen, and a magnificent wine cellar. The aura of this venue creates an exciting, yet mysterious feel, which parallels the experience of trying a new type of wine for the very first time. Bennati is a modern wine enthusiast as he is always exploring new wines to add to Ccool’s selection, he seeks to avoid repetition by learning about new age wines, mainly the biodynamic ones. These types of wines are especially intriguing because you can drink them and not feel sick after.

Bennati is confident that the vibe, food, wine, and art will be the necessary ingredients to create sustained success for Ccool. It also caters to those who are not keen on wine, as Ccool celebrates hybrid vigor and will have a full bar selection. Ccool is the brainchild of two virtuoso’s in their fields. It is located at 1330 18th street, off Date Boulevard, and is set to open this month.

Written by: Tommy Herd
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