How Stafford Schlitt Is Creating Unprecedented Market Value Around Trends

by Thomas Herd

Most businesses strive to turn their companies into the industry trend to take advantage of the paroxysm of public demand. Doing so is a most impressive feature, as it means calculating the release of a product that is built to accommodate market demand perfectly.  In fact, many would compare these high-growth trend capitalist companies to once in a lifetime unicorns given how many try and how many fail.

Yet what about the concept of a trend specialist who consistently and sustainably reverse engineered product launches to meet the demands of numerous trends?  Well, that is exactly what industry-leading brand incubator Stafford Schlitt does.

Schlitt- who arose from a hospitality marketing background- achieved his first major success by helping organically guide the development of the wildly successful Fade2Fit brand of superstar singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor.  Through the process of doing so, Schlitt realized that his hands on branding, network fundraising, and scaling + exit strategy planning skills could be coalesced and compressed into a turnkey business model that launched celebrities, cutting edge brands, and disruptive business products and solutions.

The missing ingredient?

Understanding emergent market factors that would trigger future demand so these projects could be perfectly timed to capture market demand and propel themselves as industry trend-setters. With this recipe in place, Shlitt conceptualized, developed, and sold businesses in diverse fields ranging from crypto-currency mining to  to CBD creams (sold by his brand THR33) and now to hand sanitizer and user-friendly safety equipment for COVID-19.

In recognition of his penetrating ability to recognize imminent trends and plan germane marketing campaigns to establish his products as the timely frontrunner solution, Schlitt has also been brought on board several well-established, highly reputed brands such as Little West juices, who plan on leaning on Schlitt for the type of strategic direction that will always keep them ahead of and responsive to shifts in consumer demand.

Thus, for the first time (perhaps) ever, Schlitt is demonstrating how trends have more value than just igniting the careers of the occasional brand. They can be used as markets in and of themselves by discerning entrepreneurs to springboard new reverse-engineered businesses to capitalize off market demand as well as to allow already established brands to become more agile.

Indeed, it’s a hell of a concept proven in reality by Schlitt that should inspire many.

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