Serial Entrepreneur Robert Croak Innovates The Most User-Friendly COVID-19 Defense Solution In Sanitizer Bracelets

by Magdalena Munao

On the heels of his meteoric success with Sillybandz – the silicone bracelets that came in the shapes of animals, toys, people, cartoon characters and more were worn on the wrists of children everywhere- Entrepreneur Robert Croak has brought a new bracelet line to market primed to offer perhaps the most user-friendly and cool COVID-19 defense product on the market.

Croak’s new invention- Sanitizer Bracelets™- was inspired to develop a wearable product that could give an extra layer of reassurance as the country continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus.

While carrying around a bottle of sanitizer can become a nuisance to some, Sanitizer Bracelets™ offer a sleek, stylish alternative to accessing hand sanitizer when you’re on the go. Designed with a small, refillable cavity within the silicone bracelet, Sanitizer Bracelets™ are easy to use and refill as you need, and they additionally reduce the use of public sanitizers in retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants. And with a constant cue sitting on your wrist as you’re on the run, sifting through groceries or browsing through a clothing store, Sanitizer Bracelets™ serve as a reminder to sanitize more frequently.

While Sanitizer Bracelets are undoubtedly a product curated for a pandemic-induced fear-riddled society, Croak’s business model sets the bar by creating the next relevant and adaptable product that resonates with consumers of all ages. Unlike typical fads, preventing the spread of germs will always be in style. Though scaling Sanitizer Bracelets™ is his focus at the moment, Croak is constantly looking ahead, aiming to predict trends and creating products that solve everyday consumer problems.

For more information on Sanitizer Bracelets™, visit their website.

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