Zaina Gohou: The Change We Need

by Alexandra Morris

Zaina Gohou grew up in a small town in Germany and always had a call to the wild. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes inundated the vivacious soul in nature. Early on, Gohou discovered a deep respect for the world around her. As her modeling and acting career took flight, Gohou was enlightened to new places and experiences, the beauties, and unpleasant realities. After earning degrees in Psychology and Business, Gohou consolidated her studies with a balance in nature and decided to heal her healer, Mother Earth.

Being in such a vying industry made Gohou more conscious of the importance of emotional well-being. Gohou found strength in nature, which led her to realize that she needed to protect the Earth. Sustainability was the conspicuous solution.  “I learned at a young age that everything is connected and interdependent and in balance and how well the earth is taking care of us,” Gohou said. “She gives us life and literally provides the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. We need to make sure that our choices help create a future in which our planet is healthy.” Gohou practices what she preaches and prioritizes shooting with companies that mirror her sustainability values. She regularly works with Garnet Hill and, in the past, modeled on campaigns for sustainable line launches like Yamamay and Cortefiel. These projects and others like her recent role on the pilot of House of Rules, and upcoming 2021 debut in Onur Tukel’s movie, That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes, have jolted the young creative’s developing platform to 70k followers.

Gohous can easily influence a wide audience and remains transparent, especially about creating a cleaner and safer future. The eco-activist invests her time in water sourcing and electronic advancements in African countries. Gohou’s work resonates with many, as the world has become progressively mindful of the consequences of our obsolete methods and materials.

“After the world economic forum, Africa is growing faster than China, and the biggest cities will be in Africa by 2025,” Gohou said. “There are so many opportunities where one can make sure that the growth will be a sustainable one—for example, farming, water supply, or cars. Imagine most cars would be electronic or hydrogen-based; all these new megacities would not have smog. I have this connection to the continent from my family and a lot of people I know. Where there is a lot of growth, you can have a big impact.”

The passionate businesswoman currently works as head of marketing, branding, communication, and placement for a car brand that produces affordable electric trucks and cars in different African countries for an official 2021 launch. Gohou is also working on another task as an ambassador for Source, an innovative company that extracts water from air using solar technology. Gohou’s ability to juggle multiple projects is growingly impressive.  She has always been a “yes” girl in regards to opportunities in life. Her free-spirit has provided her with an abundance of unforgettable moments. With much maturity, Gohou concluded only to take on projects that genuinely reverberate with her energy, passion, and values. Encircling herself in work that drives positivity helps her remain a peacefully radiating force. Gohou is the change she wants to see.

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