Shop Talk! With Ariel Foxman

by The Daily Front Row

 At Super Saturday in the Hamptons recently, your Daily caught up with InStyle‘s Ariel Foxman to discuss (what else?!) shopping. Without further ado, the full spending-filled story! 

What do you hunt for at Super Saturday?
I usually buy stuff from Brooks Brothers. I always seek out the Clarins tent, for my facecare, too.

Ever seen anything wacky?
It gets pretty intense. I’ve seen people do Supermarket Sweep stuff to get to the Dyson vacuum cleaner tent. It’s basically a 50-yard dash to the Dysons! Maybe that’s why they’re not back this year…

Any other crazy sightings?
I’ve also seen people changing like they’re in Loehmann’s. Women get down to their bras and panties!

Can you disclose your biggest shopping spree, ever?
No! My mom would totally read this and find out. In my defense, I only have two or three shopping binges a year.

Where do you crash when you’re out East?
I’m staying for the first time at Topping Rose. 

It’s beautiful there. The food and service have been amazing. 

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