Shoe 411 with Feit Designer Tull Price

by Sydney Sadick

In a hidden gem from the pages of the Daily Summer, we chatted with Feit deisgner Tull Price on all-things shoes.

You’re selling your shoes at Tiina the Store. Which styles are the Amagansett types picking up?
The slipper seems to be the favored style since it’s simple and easy as a slip-on.

What makes Feit so special?
All our products are handmade from all-natural materials and vegetable-tanned leathers. The uppers are one piece, so there are no seams to disturb your foot or the natural break of the shoe, and they can mold to your feet and meet your needs. Our insoles and outsoles age with a beautiful patina and can be worn barefoot all summer long on the hottest of days—they’ll remain cool without creating an odor. Little-known fact: Most shoes today are made out of synthetics or leathers tanned with chrome, which are harmful to the wearer, use large amounts of energy to produce, and basically end up as landfill. After spending 20 years of deep research into what makes the greatest pair of shoes, we’re at a good spot, so we don’t mess with it.

Your products are made in limited editions. How many do you make of each style?
Our production is limited to the number of craftsmen we have, so on average, we have 60 pairs per style per color. There are very few people in the world who can make truly hand-stitched shoes! 216 Main St., Amagansett

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