Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (And Beyond…)

by The Daily Front Row

What’s new for Sergio Kletnoy, assistant to Cosmo‘s EIC, Joanna Coles and the coolest homme at Hearst? Tons! As if his two-part Boy George sit-down wasn’t enough, his last two weeks have been filled with so many starry encounters and glorious moments. You might wanna down a doppio before reading…

The past two weeks have been completely bonkers in Kletnoy land. As soon as I landed back on U.S. soil from Iceland, I had to organize THE BOSS’s fashion week schedule, consisting of 1,000,021  fashion shows. In the middle of that, there was one major appearance at the White House State dinner for François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande aka the current President of France and Co-Prince of Andorra. Fancy! In-between the fashion week hoopla and my usual workload I had plenty of fun. First up, Fern Mallis’ fascinating talk with Isaac Mizrahi at 92Y, where The Miz dished about his childhood, fashion career, acting, QVC and Marc Jacobs. Next up an office visit from supermodel Karlie Kloss for an impromptu appearance on CosmoLive for our website. I then spotted Jennifer Beals eating lunch at the Hearst cafeteria, and it took everything in me not to pull down my T and expose my shoulder to her a-la Flashdance. There was also a glorious evening of drinking tea at the Soho Grand hotel with one of the biggest icons and one of my fave musicians, Boy George, where we talked about his new album and all things pop culture.

A few days later, I bumped into the 12-time Olympic medalist and world record holder for swimming, Dara Torres, at the Cosmo office and made her pose for “Air Swimming” photos with me. Although Dara holds the record for number of medals she won, I totally beat her at smizing. On the weekend I saw Latino heartthrob Enrique Iglesias at his sold-out concert at MSG, where I danced and sang along to all of his English and Spanish songs, which I know by heart. Don’t judge! I also caught the newest U.K. boy-band sensation, The Vamps, at their first sold out U.S. concert at the Gramercy Theatre. The screaming from the teenage girls was so loud that I could barely hear myself think, and all of this without even a single in America. One Direction better watch their back, because these guys are super talented, write their own songs, and play instruments. I haven’t been able to get their U.K. single “Can We Dance” out of my head. Yes, it’s that good! Oh, and after their show I went out for drinks at the Gramercy Hotel and spotted Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Régine Chassagne at the table behind me. Well, I didn’t really spot them, my friend Julie did…but this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Finally, I was reunited with Mariah Carey at MTV, where MC premiered her newest music video for the super sexy “You’re Mine (Eternal)”. Of course, in my head, the song is totally about moi. A boy can dream, right? All in all, I had about 20 hours of sleep in the last two weeks, but I’m not complaining. Next week, I’ll do it all over again and live to write about it. Have an excellent weekend and be sure to check out my fave new tunes… 

“Lights Out by Ingrid Michaelson

“Gimme Your Love” by Kesington Kross

“Jerk Ribs” by Kelis

“I Get High” by Lily Lane

“Coming Home” by Kaiser Chiefs

“Favorite Star” by Quadron

“I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers

“Heartbreak Dream” by Betty Who

“Trouble” by Natalia Kills

“L8 CMMR” by Lily Allen


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