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Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (and Beyond…)

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It was quite the musical week for assistant-extraordinaire Sergio Kletnoy, side-kick to Cosmopolitan‘s Joanna Coles. From The Wanted to James Blunt, Sergio did take one night to check out a screening of Thor: The Dark World. And of course, he’s offered up a must-listen list of tunes to finish off your work week…

Just an ordinary evening with Andy Cohen, British bad boys The Wanted and the cheekiest Housewife in all of the land, Lisa Vanderpump. I know, I know, not that ordinary, but I hate showing off. I ended up tagging along to the Bravo Studios for Watch What Happens Live with my friend Melissa (mega-publicist to Biebs) for a performance and an interview from her client The Wanted. While in the green room, a trailer for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came on and I blurted out how much I love Lisa. Five minutes later I saw Mrs. Vanderpump strutting through the hallway (minus Giggy). I shouted, “Lisa, I was just talking about you!” And then…

Me: Obsessed with you!
Lisa: Who are you?
Me: Sergio, I work at Cosmo.
Lisa: Oooh, Cosmo! You need to put me on your cover, but I guess I’m way too old. You know, everything I ever learned about sex was from Cosmo

When Lisa finally left the greenroom one of The Wanted members (I won’t say which one) shouted out: “I totally would!” Maybe they can try out all those things Lisa learned in Cosmo

Of course I couldn’t let The Wanted come to NYC to promote their brand new album “Word Of Mouth” (out now in your fave stores and digital outlets) and not come to Cosmo, did you? Between their appearances on Wendy Williams and MTV, the boys came in to meet THE BOSS, who made them sing acapella in front of the entire staff. JoCo was practicing her fave The Wanted song, “Glad You Came” but before the guys agreed to sing it, they broke into the Anchorman version of “Afternoon Delight,” which was pretty awesome. See for yourself!

Five words: Chris Hemsworth in 3-D! Now that I have your attention… This evening I scored an invite to the NYC premiere of Thor: The Dark World hosted by Dior Beauty and The Cinema Society with Marie Claire at the Crosby Street Hotel. Unfortunately, Hemsworth was M.I.A., but his co-star Natalie Portman did attend, and looked radiant in head to toe Dior (obvi). If you asked me to explain the plot, I probably couldn’t. Totally not the film’s fault, I was either mesmerized by Hemsworth or Howard Stern and his wife Beth who were sitting right in front of me. I do remember Hemsworth and Portman fighting the good fight with some evil creatures and time traveling between what looked like any major city USA and some dark land called Asgard. There was also lots of blood, humor, special effects and time travel. After the film I stopped by the after party at the Marlton Hotel, unfortunately Hemsworth wasn’t there either. So close, but no cigar…

About a month ago I met James Blunt at a dinner organized by his record label at The Spotted Pig. He was super funny and didn’t take himself too seriously; the complete opposite of what I imagined a crooner who sings heart-breaking love songs was going to be. Then two weeks ago, The Independent wrote a hilarious post called “Take Note Everybody, James Blunt Is A Stone Cold Troll Killer” and three days later BuzzFeed followed with a post of their own called “17 Reasons You Should Be Following James Blunt On Twitter”. Both very true! Yes, he does make ladies go weak in the knees by singing songs about how beautiful you are, but he can also make you laugh by giving you a web-smackdown for talking shit about him or his music. No wonder Blunt gets all the girls. Obviously I begged his publicist to bring him to our office, considering how many times in the last 6 years I’ve heard THE BOSS sing “You’re Beautiful” as she strolled through the hallway. (Sometimes I wonder if JC’s next big to-do is going to be a spot on X-Factor). Anyway, JoCo was thrilled, and as soon as James finished the interview she whisked him away into her office along with a few lucky Cosmo ladies. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you what they talked about, as I wasn’t invited. Seriously though, Blunt’s new album Moon Landing is out this week and it’s pretty awesome, trust me.

Wanna Have Fun” by Lolawolf

Light Me Up” by Birdy

Perfume” by Britney Spears

I Like You” by Katy B

Talk About It” by Erik Hassle

Beloved” by Say Lou Lou

Thunder” by Jessie J

Just Another Girl” by The Killers

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