Richard Chai Times!

by The Daily Front Row

As we switch gears today from Milan to Paris catwalk extravaganzas, here’s a fun tidbit from NYFW on Richard Chai, who talked the talk (about all things Jonas bros!) after his models walked the walk at his spring show…

How did the Spring ’14-collection crafting process go, Richard?
Great! It was a calm process this season—very lovely and chill. I was inspired by my love of New York. People think it’s a concrete jungle, but I find it beautiful and romantic.

The Jonas Brothers were at your show! How do you know them?
Their publicist and my publicist! I’ve been dressing them for their concerts. A great publicist can make these things happen.

Are you a cooler uncle because of this friendship?
My nephew is a bit too young. But my assistants are very starry-eyed when they’re around the Jonas Brothers. It’s very sweet.

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