Queer POC Artist Christopher Saint On Using Art And  Enterprise To Create A Healing Movement 

by Amir Bakian

Healing means many different things and it comes in many forms. For those belonging  to the LGBTQ+ community, it is acceptance and understanding. For people of color, it is  an equal opportunity. As someone who is queer and is a proud Asian-American artist,  Christopher Saint knows firsthand what it’s like for those who have suffered similar  experiences of marginalization as he has. He has been through it all and wants to help  others in their journey by healing through art and enterprise.  “I think in today’s modern world, we are very bottom-line driven. For most industries,  money is the biggest driver, not love. I’ve reimagined my career to re-center on how the  businesses I create and develop can produce more healing in this world. Along with my  art, I’m currently working on ventures in spiritual wellness and online education for social  and emotional learning.”  Christopher is a singer-songwriter who is renowned amongst the queer community for  his mission in spreading love and empowerment. He always emphasized that everyone  is made of love and it’s in their nature to express it. However, this feeling has been  buried in their hearts because of fear. Hoping to make a change as a business leader,  Christopher was recently named to the Forbes Next list as one of the top faces of  entrepreneurship in the country.

“This new paradigm of conscious capitalism demands more accountability and  responsibility. For the groups who don’t naturally benefit from our current system of  economics – women, POCs, queer people, and others – we must continually innovate to  build new systems of structural change. I learned that being a business leader and  thought leader in media and education has afforded me a level of privilege. I can have a  seat at the table because of my career to actually advocate for change. That being said,  I’d like to build a new table for people like me.”  Many belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are scared of coming out and being  ostracized from society because of their preferences. While hiding their authentic  selves, they have also lost the ability to love who they are, leading to self-hatred. This is  where Christopher’s role comes into the scene. He uses his experiences and skills to  provide a way to heal those who forgot what it’s like to genuinely love themselves.  “Love is our birthright. As an artist, my work has appeared in film festivals across the  world. I’ve yet to crack mainstream success as an artist, but my success metric is just having the opportunity to tell my own love stories. Love stories are a form of currency  that has so much influence and power. I hope through my songs I can help others feel  seen and heard.”  In 2015, he founded Palette Studio LA to start a change in the world with his ideas.  Through it, he was able to help influencers, celebrities, and brands tell their story and  speak their truth. He’s also a part of the Mostly Angels LA, which aids him in his mission  to lead a spiritual conversation for the LGBTQ+ community.  Christopher has many achievements under his name, whether in academics,  communications, or entertainment. His experience as a musician has made him build a  strong career for himself.  “Healing can come in many forms but one of the things I hope to continue to do as an  artist and entrepreneur is to create safe spaces for communities to come together. It’s  time that we use the brightest minds and boldest hearts to better understand how we  operationalize and galvanize love in this world. The only reason we come together  shouldn’t be to become rich or famous, or whatever. We should come together to foster  and cultivate more love in this world. That is our purpose here.”  Made in Love Movement is a platform for artists to use their talents as a form of healing  for the queer community. The members of the community share their stories, including  the struggles they have been through, simply because of who they are. Their journey to  how they didn’t let others’ negative perceptions of their sexuality bring them down has  empowered many people in the LGBTQ+ community.

There are many ways to heal, so Christopher helps others with it the best way he knows  how. According to him, emotions are people’s saving grace. His mission is to remind  them of the love and acceptance they deserve to have through art.  He has delivered his message through his songs and further strengthens his influence  through it. During his career as a musician, he has received numerous recognitions.  Among many is the “Choice Music Video” award during OutWebFest in 2017. He has  also performed on the City of West Hollywood stage during the LA Pride 2019. It is  where he flashed the message “God Loves All Of Us” on the electronic screen.  This year, Christopher also wrote the campaign theme song for Revry and McDonald’s  first-ever “House of Pride” event. The campaign visual featured a host of other queer  artists including RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Laganja Estranja, Violet Grae, and Emily  Vu.  “I wrote this song, ‘We’ve Got Love’ with a simple intention. Amidst the resounding wave of fear and hate in this world, I believe that love can and will reverberate louder.  The fact that McDonald’s and Revry used the song for a global campaign for Pride  Month was a huge honor and a historic moment. My younger self is beaming with joy!”  Christopher believes that love is the strongest force that binds humanity. Those who can  communicate and express it through art can spark that emotion in many people who  have lost hope for it. Once the love buried deep in their hearts is ignited again, people  will be in the first step of the healing process.

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