How Pologeorgis Is Evolving Their Outerwear Business in 2019

by The Daily Front Row

Pologeorgis is known for its furs, but as the brand storms into Fall 2019, it’s adding an expanded line of fabrics, textures, and next-level concepts to the mix. President and CEO Nick Pologeorgis explains!

Pologeorgis is growing its business in the outerwear category. How are you incorporating more fabrics into your Fall collection?
We have always been known for our fur garments, and now we’re making a name for ourselves in the outerwear category. It’s exciting to grow our brand in this direction. Our team of designers really did their research and found new sources for fabrics from Italy and Japan. They worked to discover weatherproof fabrics with interesting textures that are both functional and stylish. We have great metallic tweeds that we’re offering combined with fur and shearling. Our luxurious knitted cashmeres are mixed with furs, too—we have a chunky knit zip pullover with fur sleeves.

How are materials mixed and matched?
A standout for this season and a style that really sums up the feeling of the collection is the deep indigo corduroy shearling-lined jean jacket. It has a lot of attitude, with classic pocket details, riveted buttons, and a furry lining.


How do your shearlings factor into the collection?
Shearling has really become a touchstone for our collection. In reaction to our clients’ requests, we’re offering reversible shearlings and expanding the collection. Some are given a metallic treatment or made into puffer jackets and parkas. All are super soft and lightweight. We’re also mixing shearling with bonded fabrics for an interesting mix of textures — in fact, we’re really blurring the lines between fur and fabric. Several of the shearlings have a distressed crackle finish, which lends a vintage vibe to the pieces. We offer a ton of color options this season, reaching far beyond the classics. There’s an emphasis on soft tones, such as lemonade, peach, and mango. You’ll also see a focus on blue, including various shades of dusty blue and arctic.

Any standout pieces that you’re particularly into?
A long, ivory perforated shearling coat. It has an intricate pattern, made up of tiny pinholes, which add texture but don’t compromise the all-important warmth factor. We’ve added shearling accessories to the collection – our bags and clutches are really popular. We’re introducing hats and mittens this season as well, and you will also find some really exciting multicolored blocked scarves and wraps. We also have a new twist on a classic French beret — we made it in an oversize knitted mink with a lush fox pom-pom. Really chic!

The puffer trend is still going strong — what is Pologeorgis’s take on it?
Yes, the trend is only getting stronger — it’s a reflection of a more casual approach to dressing. Clients still want to feel the luxury and warmth of fur or shearling on the inside, so we’re offering them lots of options. We’re even giving the puffer treatment to shearlings and tweed garments. We’re quilting minks as well, which make the garments reversible as an added feature. Tweed puffers with metallic and Lurex are a mainstay of the collection.

What’s your color story for the season?
We’re concentrating on warm hues — spice, nutmegs, and honey gold. All are perfect for fall. We’re also excited about all the shades in the gray family — vapor, steel, and arctic. They’ll definitely get you in the mood for a cold winter!

And please give us a sense of your home offerings!
Home has become such an important category for us. Each home is a reflection and extension of personal style, and fur brings an element of luxury and warmth. We offer a full line of coyote and fox blankets, which are perfect for a sofa or a bed. We’re making one-of-a-kind intarsia mink blankets and pillows — these are really like pieces of art, and each is made by hand in our New York atelier. On the less serious side, we have also created a decadent but whimsical oversize ivory shearling bean bag! It’s almost big enough to seat two.


Which products are included in your made-to-measure offerings?
We’re continuing with our made-to-measure minks, which have always been a strong element and signature of the Pologeorgis collection. We’re offering multitudes of colors and techniques. Custom is what we do best!

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