Paul Andrew on SS18, Long Walks, and Dealing with Jet Lag

by Sydney Sadick

You can count on Paul Andrew for his colorful, playful, and whimsical shoe designs, and he delivered got just that with his Spring/Summer 2018 collection. From his new range to his Italy commute for Ferragamo, we caught up with the designer on life these days.

What’s the concept behind SS18?
The concept is about giving women shoes they don’t have in their wardrobe already. I’m really lucky that the five years I’ve had the business we’ve really developed some core silhouettes. I wanted to focus on really special shoes that are like objects and take you to different occasions. There’s a lot of work with fabrication, color, and lower heel heights, which I think is a really important statement this season.

Where was the last great place you took a walk?
There’s a hiking trail in Connecticut near my country house that I was walking last week. I’d never been to it before but it was absolutely amazing!

Do you go out there every weekend?
I try to but it’s not easy to get away. Now that I’m based between here and Florence with Ferragamo, it doesn’t leave much time during the weekend.

How’s the commute going?
It’s definitely not the easiest but I’m really excited to be doing both things. To already see the influences I’m having on Ferragamo and how the product is really selling, it’s great. And my own brand is growing and is a solid, staple business. In this social economic climate where everything is so doom and gloom, I really just wanted to have fun this season, which is part of why there’s all this color.

How do you deal with the jet lag?
I don’t know…I seem to have perpetual jet lag. It doesn’t matter what time zone I’m going to. I’m ready go!

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