Our BiAnnual Moment with Fran Lebowitz

by Eddie Roche

One of our favorite sightings at Fashion Week (and everywhere) is spotting the legendary Fran Lebowitz. Not only is she always up for a chat,  but she’s as sharp as it comes. 

Do you follow the industry?
No. It follows me.
You’re always there for DvF and Carolina Herrera. Do you go to anything else?
I have a rule that I have to have known you for a minimum of 30 years, which is how I ended up at Charlotte Ronson. Even though she’s, like 32, I’ve known her since she was a baby. (Editor’s note: Ronson is 38.)
Did you do anything fun this summer?
I moved.
Yes. I’m itinerant.
Do you read any fashion magazines?
I’m not sure “read” is the word you’re looking for. I look at them.

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