O’RTE Single Estate Tequila: Where Taste and Tradition Take Center Stage

by Tom White

O’RTE Single Estate Tequila, the latest sensation to emerge from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, has quickly become a favorite among discerning connoisseurs and trendsetters alike. Crafted by luxury artisanal spirits producer Brand House Group, O’RTE is a celebration of tradition, terroir, and the art of tequila-making.

Offering aficionados an unparalleled and authentic tequila-drinking experience, O’RTE is taking center stage on the US spirits scene. What sets O’RTE apart is its single-estate approach, a meticulous process highlighting the distinct characteristics of each estate’s agave plants. Rather than sourcing agaves from multiple properties, O’RTE carefully selects and harvests 100% blue agaves from a new estate each year based on rigorous criteria, resulting in a premium, additive-free tequila with a rich and nuanced flavor profile. This single-source approach ensures that every drop of O’RTE Tequila captures the essence of the land from which it was produced.

Each bottle of O’RTE is a testament to the rich heritage of Mexican distilling. The 2021 vintages of O’RTE offer a diverse range of flavors to suit every palate. With its bright and aromatic notes, the Blanco is balanced with a subtle peppery finish and fruity undertones. The Reposado boasts a complex blend of floral honey, pepper, and vanilla, accented by oak influences and hints of butterscotch. Meanwhile, the Añejo presents tropical aromas with a flawless flavor profile, featuring oak, toasted pineapple and caramel notes.


With an unwavering dedication to quality, O’RTE has earned its place as a staple in the luxury spirits market. Its sleek branding and bottle design exudes sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward event and the tequila of choice for those who appreciate the very best sipping experience.

As O’RTE Tequila continues to make waves in the spirits industry, it invites enthusiasts on a journey of authenticity and evolving taste profiles. With its unwavering commitment to quality and tradition, O’RTE offers a taste of Mexico’s finest with every sip.

O’RTE Tequila is available at select wines and spirits retailers nationwide, including Total Wine & More, as well as top restaurants and bars in major markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, among many others. For those unable to find O’RTE locally, it can be conveniently purchased online at www.ortetequila.com, Drizly, Instacart, and Wine.com.

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