Obliphica Professional’s Dalal Moussa On Getting The Best Hair Ever

by Paige Reddinger

Dalal Moussa

When Dalal Moussa first tried Obliphica Professional after a hair emergency, she was so hooked on the product, she bought the company. The Texas-based entrepreneur shares the secret behind its miracle-working ingredient.

How did you first find out about Obliphica Professional?
I had my hair colored, and it was burned and damaged. I’m not really used to those sorts of results—I go to the best salons and work with the best stylists. To fix it, I tried everything on the market and went through 20 or 25 different masks until a friend sent me some Obliphica Professional. I could feel an immediate difference just from the shampoo. My hair just relaxed.

When did you decide to buy the company?
First, I tried all the products to make sure that the range worked. Usually, with skin care or hair care products, you have to wait about 21 days to see results. But after seeing results the first day, I just couldn’t believe it could be that great. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just cosmetic. By the third day, my hair was resilient and bouncing—before, it had felt like a broom—so I knew there was something special behind this.

What’s the secret ingredient?
It’s the seaberry, which grows in very harsh, cold climates like the Himalayas or Russia. The berry is naturally rich, with 190 bioactive compounds. It has 3, 6, 7, and 9 Omegas, but 7 is the rarest and most powerful one. It also has protective antioxidants and strengthening amino acids. It’s a centuries-old secret to beauty, health, and wellness. Obliphica means seaberry in Russian.

Is it exclusive to Obliphica Professional?
It’s widely used in skin care, but we were the first to come out with it in hair care. What you use on your skin is going to also be good for your scalp. It moisturizes and nourishes, allowing for healthy hair to grow.

Where can we find Obliphica Professional?
You can find it at Birchbox and fine salons around the country and will be available at Ulta shortly. It ranges from $24 for a 275 ml bottle of shampoo to $58 for a 125 ml bottle of hair serum.

What’s the scoop on your serums?
It’s a repair treatment, and the great thing about this serum is that no matter how much you put on, it doesn’t weigh down your hair. If you were to rub it on your hands, it would absorb right into your skin.

What are the newest items in the collection?
An entire styling range that includes hair sprays, aerosols, and styling creams in gorgeous gold aluminum packaging.

How do you feel about the dry shampoo movement?
Funny you should ask! Dry shampoos were originally created to absorb oil, but it turns out that everyone is using them to texturize the hair. I’d like to make a spray that’s combined with a hold. Women with fine hair will love it.

Which products are your personal favorites?
My absolute favorite item is the Medium to Coarse Shampoo. I also love the mask. It’s very light, so I use it every day. It’s not the type of mask where you need to sit under the dryer. I also shave my legs with it! I’ve even had guys tell me they use the mask for shaving their face.

Would you ever venture into skin care?
My next project would be to make a seaberry vitamin. When I visit salons, some Russian women have told me that their grandmothers would make them drink seaberry tea or eat seaberry jam for their health.

Have you suffered through any bad hair phases?
In the 1980s, when I was about 15. I had Pat Benatar hair—or maybe like Olivia Newton-John in Grease. I was always known for great hair actually, but now I look back and I wonder how I could have put all of that stuff in my hair.

What does a great hair day feel like to you?
Obliphica Professional has cumulative results. My hair and my scalp feel so amazingly soft, and the products smell divine. There’s no greater accessory than fabulous hair.

But surely it’s not your only accessory?
I’m not dressed if I do not have my jewelry on! I only feel totally myself when I’m wearing my David Webb, and I have a lot of favorite pieces. It’s a never-ending love affair.

What about clothes?
My favorite brand right now is Dior. I want to feel confident and have a great fit—I love when things are extremely elegant and exclusive without having to scream the brand name.

PLUS! Secrets Of Seaberry…
The miraculous superfruit that makes Obliphica Professional so unique goes by several names—Sea Buckthorn Berry, Obliphica, or even Hippophae Rhamnoides. It’s been used for beauty and wellness purposes for centuries—according to some reports, all the way back to 5000 BC. The oil from this fruit contains more than 190 bioactive compounds that allow it to survive in the harshest climates around the globe. Case in point: Omegas 3, 6, 9, and the super-rare Omega 7. All are powerful anti-agers, and they work in tandem with phytosterols, which moisturize the scalp, and lysine and serine, amino acids that strengthen the hair. The seaberry also contains 14 essential vitamins, which help prevent free radical damage.




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