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Baby Talk! With Karl Lagerfeld

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We caught up with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi’s fur-filled, celeb-packed store opening bash on Friday eve, catching a solo moment in the corner where The Kaiser was holding court. His childhood wardrobe, hair-styling secrets, and more, straight ahead…

Thoughts on babies in the front row?
Babies? At what age are they considered babies?

Let’s say 2 years old or younger…
Sure, why not? When I was a baby myself it would have been a dream to be at a fashion show! Why not? It is very good for them to see that. It is not bad, no?

You’re rolling out a line of kids’ clothes next year. What did you wear as a kid?
Austrian Tyrolean outfits. You know, from Austria. I looooove Tyrolean. I’m from the North of Europe, and I always wanted to be dressed differently from everyone else.

How do you style your hair?
You like my hair? I use dry shampoo. My hair is not this white. I like very, very white hair. I just go, “Whoooooshhhhhh” [mimics spraying dry shampoo all over his head]. I want to look like Choupette!

Did you or Anna Wintour start the sunglasses-indoors trend?
Well, because I am older, I think I started it.

Do you eat baguettes?
No, no, no. I don’t eat bread. At all.

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