Jannie Whitt Seams Fashion and Philanthropy with Unusual Babe Undercover and Innocent Angel

by Tom White

Fashion trends undergo significant shifts in short periods, which, in turn, affect consumer behavior. The past few years have witnessed a transition from the dress-to-impress craze to the easy-to-wear-look movement. According to Forbes, a recent study reports that eight in ten individuals prioritize comfort over style or cost, which can be linked to people investing more in wellness and self-care.

Following this change is the re-emergence of Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) in the apparel industry. UBU features a collection of stylish and functional designs that not only look sexy but also prioritize the well-being of the wearer. It specializes in unique 100 percent cotton collections designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, redefining sleepwear, intimate apparel, and loungewear.

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Renowned fashion designer Jannie Whitt founded UBU as she recognized the need for elegant cotton intimates, a niche that had long been overlooked in the industry. Jannie realized that women around the globe seek breathable, comfortable, and exquisite cotton sleepwear and intimates. However, the market lacked options that combined sophistication with the health benefits of cotton. Acknowledging this gap, the designer created a healthier alternative to synthetic-based sleepwear and intimates.

Jannie remarked, “Unusual Babe Undercover embodies the philosophy of its acronym, ‘you being yourself’ in its collections. At UBU, we encourage everyone to embrace their true selves, regardless of the opinions of others. Now, we don’t focus on only selling top-quality products. We aim to offer customers a positive and enjoyable online shopping experience.”

The birth of Unusual Babe Undercover is the fruit of Jannie’s challenging yet fulfilling journey, which started in a small town in Mississippi. It is where her mother, a retired sewing teacher, played a crucial role in shaping her future. “Growing up, everything we wore was made by our mother’s skilled hands. This made me develop a passion for sewing from an early age,” she shared.

Jannie’s ambition to pursue her dream of becoming a designer led her to California. To say that the road was rocky is an understatement. The school she initially attended dismissed her as unqualified for the role. However, this did not hinder her from moving forward and paving her path as a self-taught designer.

The self-made designer’s breakthrough came when she visited one of the largest buying offices in Los Angeles. Her designs caught the attention of a globally recognized luxury department store. This moment was the beginning of UBU’s journey. Jannie was later recognized as one of the twelve American designers featured at the world’s largest intimate apparel show in Lyon, France. Since its establishment in 1997, UBU has successfully changed the perception toward cotton intimate apparel, proving that one does not need to sacrifice comfort or sexiness to achieve the other.

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Jannie’s mission to make a positive change goes beyond redefining intimate apparel in the fashion world. It extends to helping those in need, addressing problems such as elderly abuse, homelessness, and hunger, and champions support for breast cancer patients and terminally ill children. With this, the highly acclaimed designer established the Innocent Angel Foundation and the Alma Hayes Foundation, both dedicated to assisting those facing various challenges.

Innocent Angel’s vision and mission entail helping those in need and promoting initiatives, such as advocating for mental health awareness and supporting children’s education. The organization makes this happen by using fashion as a tool for social impact. Each purchase from Innocent Angel collections guarantees a percentage donation to the Alma Hayes Foundation, supporting their mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

“I believe that poverty and fashion are two things that shouldn’t go together. My goal is to raise awareness and provide resources for those in need. UBU has a history of supporting non-profits, but with Innocent Angel, I believe we can extend our reach and make a more significant impact,” the founder stated.

Jannie initiates projects that uplift individuals from challenging situations. She has empowered women by providing them with training and creating opportunities for those who lacked sewing skills and education. “Seeing them improve their self-esteem because of their newfound skills has been rewarding,” she passionately added. Ultimately, Jannie Whitt does not only revolutionize the fashion industry with Unusual Babe Undercover’s innovative designs. She also illustrates how fashion can be a medium to make impactful changes in the world.

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