The Next Generation: Tripoli Patterson

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Is the East End social scene feeling a bit passé? There are a slew of new names to know, and hot off the presses from the latest issue of The Daily Summer, we’re sharing 10 fresh faces to get familiar with out in the Hamps. Welcome to Next Generation week! Some come from storied families, others are self-made…meet the chicsters of tomorrow. Currently Tripoli Patterson, 29, is the youngest face on the gallery scene, and he’s killing it regardless.

Mom & Dad: Art dealer Leonardo Patterson and surfer Terry Patterson

9 To 5: Owner of the Tripoli Patterson Gallery in Southampton

Street Cred: “My mother grew up in Amagansett, so she’s a die-hard surfer. I grew up on the water and started competing when I was nine or 10.”

In The Blood: 
“My father was a pre-Columbian art dealer and was really involved in the art world. As a kid, my mother was always like, ‘If you guys get bored, you can go outside and play, you can draw, you can write, you can read.’ She encouraged us to be creative thinkers.”

Hometown Pride: 
“I have way more connections and relationships out here than I do in the city. People remember me from when I was a little kid! At this point, I almost feel like I have a responsibility to establish a strong platform for artists out here so that they’re able to show. It can’t just be New York City galleries coming out and dictating what art is important.”

Now Showing:Judith Hudson, who lives in Amagansett, is having a solo exhibition at my gallery now through July 13. It’s called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” After that, I’m showing Keith Sonnier and Hiroshi Sugimoto.”

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