I Tried Moroccanoil’s Temporary Hair Color on the Eve of NYFW

by The Daily Front Row

The Daily’s Alex Dickerson’s adventures into temporary hair color with Moroccanoil, plus some guidance from beauty expert Sarah Bryant of @sarah_louwho.

When I first heard that Moroccanoil was launching its new Color Depositing Mask Collection, I was immediately intrigued. As a lifelong blonde, I’ve always admired those with the courage to play with hair color, and these days, I see women (and men) everywhere sporting all the colors of the rainbow in their locks. “Why not me?” I asked myself. There’s no better time than NYFW to take a walk on the wild side and join in the fun. And, worst case, it’s only temporary!

Alex Dickerson (Hannah Turner-Harts)

I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to beauty, so I couldn’t possibly do this solo. I turned to my favorite beauty influencer, Sarah Bryant aka @sarah_louwho, who currently rocks a pink pixie hairstyle (also colored with Moroccanoil). Sarah was traveling the weekend of my transformation so we decided to FaceTime so she could walk me through the entire process.

Sarah Bryant

During our FaceTime session, Sarah talked me through the different colors and instructed me to carefully section my hair, to get full coverage and maximum absorption of the mask. There are seven shades to choose from; I picked Rose Gold. Sarah wears Hibiscus, which is a really vibrant pink. I was tempted to try the Platinum for a chic gray look. I’ll do that next time. Sarah advised me to wear rubber gloves and to use a wide-tooth comb, in order to really get the product applied to every strand. Brilliant and helpful intel!

(Hannah Turner-Harts)

Seeing Sarah’s smiling face and head of bright pink hair gave me the courage I needed. Under her guidance, I took the plunge, applied the mask, and watched my hair transform into a vibrant Rose Gold coif.

It turned into quite a social affair. Grace Atwood of The Stripe (below) made an appearance. I posted an IG Story about the process, and got tons of comments and questions. Pink definitely leads to popularity!

Alex Dickerson and Grace Atwood (Hannah Turner-Harts)

The end result? Not only did my hair feel softer, look shinier, and smell terrific, but I absolutely adored the splash of color. It gave me an unexpected boost of confidence as I headed out into NYFW!

Alex Dickerson (Hannah Turner-Harts)

Wanna try out Moroccanoil’s Color Depositing Masks yourself? Click here to shop the full collection now!

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